Apex Legends Server Problems May Not Be Respawn’s Fault

Like everyone, me and my friends were excited to get into Season 9 of the Apex Games on May 4th. Though we managed to get an early chance to try out the new season for the weekend a week earlier in a closed demo, we couldn’t wait to try out our skills against everyone else. Unfortunately, despite being excited all day for Season 9 to go live, we unfortunately couldn’t get into the lobby due to something being wrong with the servers. Despite waiting around 4 hours to get into the lobby, we were still out of luck. And for a while we were wondering why that was. Regardless of our frustrations at Respawn for the Apex Legends server problems, this may apparently not be their fault.

If you’ve noticed several popular websites were down on the very same day. Among them being notable was Reddit. This isn’t a coincidence. Around earlier before Season 9 of Apex Legends went live, Network Solutions, a major hosting provider, was experiencing trouble with their servers. And unfortunately, Respawn was just caught in bad timing in lieu of their much anticipated season coming up shortly. Due to EA being one of the companies that Network Solutions provide their services to, Apex Legends was unfortunately affected causing server problems.

Even after a few hours, there were still problems getting into the game. This is a problem that Respawn themselves acknowledged. Even recently, some are still experiencing issues with getting into the game.

The massive problems with the game included:

  • Not being able to select past the basic heroes.
  • Seeing “No Servers Found” and inability to get into lobby.
  • Getting an error when accessing battle pass.
  • Several tabs in the lobby grayed out, causing inability to purchase the new legend.

Though there’s no communication from the developers whether or not it’s really due to Network Solutions experiencing problems with providing services, it does provide some understanding that it isn’t quite Respawn Entertainment’s fault like many on the internet are claiming it to be.