Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands Hero Video Released

Here's how Jackson actually got in as Newcastle in the Apex Games.

Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed the new Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands Hero video, which focuses on Newcastle.

After watching the first trailer for the upcoming season, fans might get confused that Jackson is with his family, but there is someone out there posing as Newcastle during the start of this new video. It turns out, this is the original Newcastle, real name Rene (from the YouTube subtitles). He has been the one that has failed so many times to qualify for the Apex Games, but still celebrated as a hero in Harris Valley since he “helps” the citizens there.

Jackson is with his family as a regular father taking care of his wife and children. His son is just like the other citizens, praising his “heroics” while his daughter loves to get a stuff toy based on the popular Legend, which this time was Newcastle. He seems to be low on funds, but still finds enough to buy the toy.

While tucking in his daughter after a long day, Jackson looks for the Newcastle stuff toy that got lost during the rally. He finds it nearby his garage when he suddenly hears some noise nearby. He takes a quick look to check out what is going on.

It turns out Rene has some debts to pay to the Syndicate and they are looking for the returns. Since Rene could not get in the Apex Games, he has no cash to pay back and gets beaten up by the gangsters. When he pleads to give him “one more shot”, he instead gets literally shot by the leader. Jackson springs into action and saves the day. He even gets the famous Newcastle shield after tossing aside the makeshift iron shield he found nearby trash.

apex legends stories from the outlands hero

After winning the fight, Jackson threatens the leader to leave Harris Valley and never come back, but instead the latter reveals something quite nefarious. Rene has actually sold Harris Valley to the Syndicate, the Forgotten Families, and now “Newcastle” must pay them back or else it will not be just them that comes for the town. Jackson quickly realizes the situation and makes a decision on the spot: he will join the Apex Games as the new Newcastle.

The Syndicate leader and Jackson make a deal and then leaves. Unfortunately, Rene dies from his gunshot wound. Now, it is up to Jackson to take up the mantle and pay the Syndicate back the money the town owes. He also mentions that he will be meeting up with his sister soon, Bangalore, at the Apex Games.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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