Apex Legends – Valentines Day Update, Duos Are Back

What better way to spend the most romantic day of the year than by spending it in a battle royale? Take your significant other and fight for the number one spot in Apex Legend’s special duos event. Or go get your best pal. Not everything needs to be romantic.

Respawn brought back the much beloved duos game mode for a limited time only. Once again test your teamwork with your most trusted friend in this fast paced first person battle royale. This event will end on February 18th.

You can also log in to get the special valentine’s day event badge. Event themed skins are also available for purchase, Through the Heart for the Longbow DMR and Love The Game Pathfinder banner. Both of which were only available last year February for a limited amount of time which were brought back for this years Valentine’s Day.

So how are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year? We wish you luck blasting your way throughout World’s Edge!

Source: gamespot

Managing Editor