Arcane TV Series Act 2 Releases This Weekend

The new popular Netflix series is already preparing for Act 2.

Netflix has already lined up Act 2 of the recently aired Arcane TV Series and it will be this coming weekend.

With the release of Act 1, the next act is coming up and it will be released on Netflix streaming service this coming November 13, 2021. Just like the first act, the second one will contain three episodes and each of them are 40+ minutes long. This will continue to story of the two sisters that are fighting on rival sides of a war between magic technologies.

In the first act, two orphaned sisters Vi and Powder were introduced. They are currently in Zaun’s underground streets trying to survive. Jayce, Silco, and Viktor have been introduced in the next few episodes as well. There are other League of Legend champions that have been confirmed to have appeared in the recent episodes like Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Ekko, and Singed.

With the Netflix series though, it has been confirmed that Vi and Jinx (Powder) are actually sisters. It has not been confirmed it they are biologically related, but they are the orphaned sisters that wound up in Zaun.

Arcane Act 1 is now live on Netflix. Act 2 will air on November 13, 2021, while Act 3 will air on November 20, 2021.

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