Ark 2 Delayed and Bad News for Ark 1 Next-Gen Upgrade

Vin Diesel will have to wait for a year.

Studio Wildcard has recently announced Ark 2 is getting delayed and there is bad news for Ark 1 when upgrading it to the next-gen version.

It is now official that Ark 2 has been delayed and will be released instead in 2023, it will now be moved to 2024. Fans of the Ark series who wanted the series this year will have to wait for one more year, unfortunately. The reason for the delay? The developers are aiming to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5 in this sequel fully.

Now for some more bad news. Aside from the unfortunate delay, the original Ark 1 game will have a next-gen upgrade. Do not celebrate though, as the upgrade comes with a price, a $40 tag. To make it worse, players who will NOT upgrade to new-gen versions will lose some online functionality as the last-gen servers will be turned off. Boo.

“At that time, the final save-datas from the Survival Evolved official servers will be uploaded for players to re-host on their own servers or play in single-player / non-dedi, as well as slightly earlier snapshots,” says the studio.

“You will still be able to play on single-player, non-dedicated, player-dedicated, and unofficial servers. Ark: Survival Ascended will have its own fully supported official network for all platforms.”


Ark 2 gets delayed to 2024 and is exclusive to Xbox Series X/S. Ark 1 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 while the new-gen versions are on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The upgrades are priced $39.99.

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