Ark Survival Evolved Remaster Price Gets Changes After Huge Backlash

Price got changed, but in a bad way.

After the original announcement got fan backlash, Studio Wildcard decided to change the pricing of Ark Survival Evolved Remaster but in a rather surprising way.

When a studio gets backlash from its previous announcement, the first thing that it would do is make changes that would appeal to the fans, right? Studio Wildcard, however, did the opposite. In fact, from its original cost of $49.99 to upgrade the game to the remastered version, it has now decided to increase it to $59.99.

What makes this change worse is that it will not include Ark 2. The original unbundle was $49.99 AND had the sequel included and would be less than $10 if players buy on PS5. This new bundle got worse and more expensive. Here’s a statement from the studio in regard to the change from the recent post on Steam.

ark survival evolved

“First things first, we are scrapping the ARK Respawned Bundle,” the post read. “Our intention behind this was to provide a package where you essentially got two products for the price of one. In hindsight, not the best move. Our bad; we recognize how combining ARK Survival Ascended with ARK 2 and requiring further DLC upgrades wasn’t optimal, especially since you wouldn’t be able to judge ARK 2 as no gameplay or content would be available yet.”

To make matters even worse, the old servers of Ark Survival Evolved are still going to be shut down. Players can still set up private servers, but it would not make them interact with other players worldwide. It also seems this new bundle is final and no one’s going to change it.

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