Armored Core 6 Combat Log Rewards

Armored Core 6 combat log rewards cover image

The Armored Core 6 Combat Log rewards should entice you to partake in the Loghunt Program. You can gain unique mecha parts by raising your Hunter Class Rank, which is done by finding various battle logs or combat logs that can be found by defeating certain enemies in specific missions. We made this guide to show you all the combat log rewards from Loghunt you can get in Armored Core 6.

All Combat Log Rewards in Armored Core 6

Here’s are the combat log rewards you get per rank:

  • Rank 1: 04-101 MIND ALPHA [Arms]
  • Rank 2: 44-141 JVLN ALPHA [Detonating Bazooka]
  • Rank 3: 06-041 MIND ALPHA [Bipedal Legs]
  • Rank 4: 45-091 JVLN BETA [Detonating Missile Launcher]
  • Rank 5: 01-161 MIND ALPHA [Core]
  • Rank 6: 44-143 HMMR [Plasma Thrower]
  • Rank 7: 06-042 MIND BETA [Reverse Joint Legs]
  • Rank 8: IB-C03G NGI 000 [Generator]
  • Rank 9: 45-091 ORBT [Laser Orbit]
  • Rank 10: 20-081 MIND ALPHA [Head]
  • Rank 11: IB-C03F WLT 001 [FCS]
  • Rank 12: 44-142 KRSV [Multi Energy Rifle]
  • Rank 13: IB-C03B NGI 001 [Booster]
  • Rank 14: 20-082 MIND BETA [Head]
  • Rank 15: IB-C03W2 WLT 101 [Coral Oscillator]

After completing Operation Wallclimber in Chapter 1, you’ll get the Loghunt program, which allows you to collect combat and battle logs in order to increase your Hunter class rank. As your Loghunt Program progress bar gets filled, you’ll advance to Hunter Class Rank, where you’ll be rewarded with new armored core parts.

The only way to increase your Hunter class rank is by collecting combat and battle logs. Getting an S-rank at the end of eachmission, won’t actually help you increase the Loghunt progress bar. You’ll get combat logs and battle logs by defeating certain enemies in specific missions. Not to worry if you’ve missed any since you can replay missions that still have battle logs pending.

That’s why it’s important to take part in the Loghunt program, as they give you powerful parts you otherwise can’t get. Some of these parts can be used to make the best builds in Armored Core 6 that can demolish bosses and even other players in moments.