Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Expansion Content Details Revealed

Become Odin!

Ubisoft has now revealed the details for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok expansion and it has a lot of content to uncover.

In just one month, the year two expansion Dawn of Ragnarok will be released. This will expand the story of Eivor where they relive their past life as the powerful Norse god Odin. The story will continue from the previous Asgard-focused quest and starts with Odin now on a mad search for his son Baldr who got kidnapped and leads him to the dwarven realm of Svartalfheim. This offers over 35 hours of expanded gameplay with new godly abilities and more.

Odin is equipped with the mythical bracer Hugr-Rip, which allows him to get powerful abilities from defeated enemies. These powers are not permanent though and will be driven by exploration. He can only have two powers at a time as well. If he discovers a new power, he must choose which one to discard. These powers will be active as long as Odin’s bracer meter stays full.

Power of the Raven allows Odin to transform into – you guessed it – a raven. While active, Odin can fly over great stretches of land and swoop in on unsuspecting enemies for an air assassination. In a series that has often relied on a feathered companion to help the lead assassin survey the area, it’s interesting to see this refined stealth approach.

Power of Muspelheim transforms skin into magma and makes Odin appear like one of the main enemies, the deadly Muspels. While active this power allows Odin to travel across lava without being harmed (which comes in handy in the lava-heavy dwarven realm). It also allows Odin to slip by other Muspels without being detected.

Power of Winter infuses Odin’s weapon with ice to unleash devastating strikes, which can be all too useful in a realm overrun by the fire and lava-fuelled Muspels. 

Power of Jotunheim allows Odin to transport short distances when rolling and dodging. He can also shoot an arrow into World Knots (think glowing magic targets), transporting Odin across larger distances directly to them and making traversal through harrowing areas easier. 

Power of Rebirth allows Odin to resurrect enemies that he has slain while the power is active, but rising to fight on his side. While some powers lend themselves to a stealthy approach, watching Odin create a small army and barrel through a stronghold speaks more to my Viking instincts to raise Helheim wherever I go.  

New equipment will be introduced in this game as well, the mythical and Divine Quality gear. The best part? Players can transfer their gear from Odin’s inventory to Eivor’s and can be used in the main Valhalla story. The powers of Odin stay in the past time though.

There is a new weapon class called the Viking atgeir. It is a long-blade polearm that can be used with a mix of light and heavy attacks.

Players can try out the Valkyrie Trials, which are arena style combat with Odin facing off tons of enemies. Each fight will be a retelling of Odin’s various victories. They can also up the ante if they want with Boasts to make the fights interesting. More Boasts, more rewards.

Here are some interesting details that got discovered as well.

  • Like Eivor, players can select for Odin to be either a man or a woman. 
  • Explore to find dwarven shelters, hubs where Odin can make alliances and upgrade both gear and powers.
  • Similar to Odin’s Power of Rebirth, Muspels have an enemy type called Flamekeepers that raise low level enemies to fight by their side. Focus on taking them out as quickly as you can. 
  • As with the first Valhalla Asgard-focused storyline, players can uncover connections between the gods of Norse myth and to the ancient Isu.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Dawn of Ragnarok expansion drops on March 10, 2022.