Asterigos Announced for PS4 and PS5

A new action-RPG will make landfall in 2022.

Independent developer Acme Gamestudio has announced that their new action-RPG game, Asterigos will be launching on PS4, PS5, and PC next year. The PS4 and PC versions of the game will be arriving in Spring 2022. The PS5 version will be hitting stores later in the Fall.

The story follows Hilda, a brave Northwind Legion warrior, searching for her lost father in a long fogotten land, the Lost State of Aphes. There, she must uncover the mystery behind this lost civilization, and why the Gods cursed them so. She will also witness history in the making, and face difficult choices that will shape the fate of an entire kingdom.

Players will get to explore Aphes, the fallen city of the stars. It is a city-state inspired by ancient Rome and classical Greek designs. Once, it was a place of magic and wonder. Now no longer. Players will have a chance to delve the stone corridors and open-air arenas to search for the truth left behind, and hopefully restore the city back to its former glory.

Cursed beasts roam freely across the realm. Unchecked and ravenous, Hilda will have arm herself with the power of the gods to defeat them.

Asterigos will feature weapons like the sword and shield, dagger, spear, hammer, staff, and magical bracelets. The carefully balanced sword and shield combination is great at both offense and defense. It is a sort of middle ground as compared to the opposing styles of the daggers and the hammer. The staff, on the other hand, offers ranged combat. While the exotic bracelets set up magic mines to deny enemy approaches.

According to the developers, they want to portray Hilda as a young, brave, yet brash warrior rooted in the style of Medieval fantasy adventurers. She is both naïve and pure, but kindhearted and impulsive.

The company is expected to have more updates in the coming months. Stay tuned to us to find out more.