Astral Purple Xbox Controller Leaks Early

Another color gets revealed.

Xbox Series X controller

A new leak has revealed the Astral Purple Xbox controller earlier than planned.

This new leak comes from a reliable source, billbil-kun, who has a great record when it comes to leaking information about various games and accessories ahead of time. This time, it is another Xbox Series X/S controller with another theme, the “astral purple”.

According to billbil-kun, the controller will be released on September 19, 2023 so that means it will be revealed sooner or later before that date. It will also cost $64.99 which is more or less the same as the other special controllers.

Interesting to note though, Astral Purple is one of the colors that is available to players on Xbox Design Lab service. Players will be able to create their own Astral Purple controller on their own, but this special controller might have a different design.

Previous special controllers were Steller Shift, limited edition Starfield controller, Stormcloud Vapor, and the Red and Blue Editions of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.