Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 21 best tips and tricks

21 Important Things You Need to Know Before Playing Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora 20 best tips and tricks

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is the latest action-adventure sensation from Ubisoft. This guide is packed with easy-to-follow tips and strategies if you’re gearing up to explore the stunning world of Pandora. Discover how to navigate the vibrant ecosystems, interact with creatures, and master the game’s mechanics for a more immersive experience.

Tip#1: Use Fast Travel Smartly

When you use Fast Travel, it uses up energy. Fast Travel consumes energy until you unlock the Ancestor Skill called Free Fast Travel. Energy can only be restored by eating food and getting food means gathering resources or looting, and you don’t want to spend most of your time doing just that.

Tip#2: Prioritize Ancestor Skills

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Ancestor Skills

Locate pink pillars of light on the map to find Ancestor Skills. These skills provide powerful, permanent abilities that are crucial for your progress.

Tip#3: Synergize Skills

Combine Skills for strategic advantage. The beauty of Pandora’s skill system lies in the synergy between different abilities. For instance, combining the Ancestor Skills ‘Drop Impact’ and ‘Shell Breaker’ creates a formidable tactic. This combination allows you to launch aerial melee attacks and swiftly extract AMP pilots, allowing you quick and efficient takedowns. Experiment with different skill pairings to discover powerful combos that suit your play style.

Tip#4: Spread Out Your Skill Points

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Skill Tree

It’s good to put your skill points in different areas. Spread skill points across different trees for a balanced skill set. Recommended skills include Vigor, Well Prepared, Light-Footed Hunter II, Expert Ammunition Crafter, and Flying Takedown.

Recommended skills in each tree include:

  • Memories of the Survivor: Vigor grants additional base energy and/or Vitality permanently increases base health
  • Memories of the Warrior: Well Prepared unlocks a fourth slot in your weapon wheel
  • Memories of the Hunter: Light-Footed Hunter II eliminates noise from moving/running
  • Memories of the Maker: Expert Ammunition Crafter doubles the amount of ammo produced from crafting
  • Memories of the Rider: Flying Takedown allows your Ikran to easily dispatch RDA aircraft

Tip#5: Keep Your Inventory Organized

Your bag has different spots for different types of things, like food. Use or make things often so you don’t run out of space. You can also put stuff in storage places in Na’vi Capitals, Resistance HQ, and labs to save space.

Tip#6: Utilize Offering Baskets

Exchange unnecessary items for Clan Favor by using offering baskets. You can put things from your inventory that you don’t need in offering baskets found in Na’vi camps and hometrees. This is very useful if you want to get rid of low-level items that you do not need anymore since you cannot sell items.

Tip#7: Use Your Clan Favor

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Clan Favors

Make sure to use your Clan Favor to get items, but think about what you really need. You can’t get everything at once, although no single item requires more than five sections of the Clan Favor meter. Make sure that you don’t forget to spend it, don’t use it on items you already have, and keep refilling the Clan Favor meter by doing quests or donating items in the offering baskets.

Tip#8: Utilize the Hunter’s Guide

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Hunter's Guide

This guide is invaluable as it lists all creatures and materials you’ve encountered, including where to find them again. The Hunter’s Guide is like your personal book about Pandora.

Tip#9: Run Away If You Need To

Choose your battles wisely. The Na’vi don’t engage in unnecessary fights. Remember, you can flee, especially out in the wild. If you find a quest too difficult, you can just teleport elsewhere and try to level up your gear and weapons first.

Tip#10: Use Stealth

Again, choose your battles wisely. Don’t go all guns blazing especially when playing alone. Being stealthy means moving quietly, avoiding unnecessary confrontations, and using the environment to your advantage. Learn to observe enemy patterns, use cover effectively, and move silently. Use stealth abilities like the AMP-hacking skill to silently disable threats or create distractions, giving you the upper hand.

Tip#11: Visit and touch Bellsprigs

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Bellsprig

Bellsprigs release health-boosting spores when touched. Visiting and interacting with these plants is a simple yet effective way to permanently increase your Na’vi’s health. Make it a habit to approach and touch these plants whenever you encounter them, or find time to visit their locations that easily be seen on the map.

Tip#12: Collect and Use Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential for crafting special ammo and can be traded at Resistance HQ. But don’t trade all your spare parts, keep a reserve for crafting needs.

Tip#13: Change Ammo Types Quickly

When you’re fighting, you can switch between normal and special bullets really fast. Just press a button on the d-pad. It’s quicker than opening the whole weapon menu, especially in the middle of a fight.

Tip#14: Know Where to Get More Ammo

You can’t make bullets for Shotguns or Assault Rifles. The best way to get more is to find them at RDA places or get them from defeated RDA enemies.

Tip#15: Resource Tracking

Pin materials on your HUD for easier tracking, accessible via the map screen or the Hunter’s Guide. You can mark and unmark materials on your map to keep track of them. This helps you know where to find things you need.

Tip#16: Use Campfires to Change Time and Weather

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Camp Fire

If you need to change the time from day to night, start or stop a storm, you can do that by resting at a fire. This can help you find different things at different times, which is very useful when trying to gather materials at their “best” quality.

Tip#17: Interact with Your Ikran

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Pet Ikran

Did you know you can pet your Ikran? Just go in front of it and a button will show up telling you what to press. It’s a fun little thing you can do in the game. Moments like these can be a pleasant break from the action and intensity of the game, offering a bit of calm and a chance to enjoy the game’s environment and character interactions.

Tip#18: Be Careful When Jumping for Your Ikran

Jumping off cliffs and calling your Ikran to catch you is really exciting. But be careful! Make sure the cliff is high enough so your Ikran has time to get to you. Otherwise, you might fall too fast and get hurt.

Tip#19: Change How Your Na’vi Looks

As you play more, you get new ways to change how your Na’vi character looks. You can find new clothes and paints, but you need to go to special places in big villages to change some things like body paint. Changing your Na’vi’s appearance can significantly enhance your gaming experience by offering personalization, plus gameplay benefits that come with crafting better gear.

Tip#20: Pay Attention in Exploration Mode

If you’re playing the Exploration quests, things aren’t as easy to find as in Guided mode. You need to read directions carefully and use your map a lot. Exploration is more about figuring things out on your own.

Tip#21: Don’t rush

Enjoy the beauty of Pandora. Take time to explore and appreciate the detailed environment of Pandora. Enjoy the visuals, sounds, and music as you explore this interactive world. There are plenty of side quests for you to play, take time to interact with the environment and read through the Hunter’s Guide if you want to know more about the lore.