How to hunt and hit weak spots in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to hunt and hit weak spots in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you need to know how to find and hit weak spots to defeat creatures and enemies alike. Some of these creatures are big and stronger than your character, so knowing their weak spots is crucial.

Start by understanding that weak spots are areas on the enemy or creature’s body that you can hit to hurt it the most. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively hunt and hit these vital points in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Scanning for Precision (Na’vi Senses)

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Na'vi Senses

Use your Na’vi Senses to scan machines and creatures. This action reveals specific weak points on your target. Weak spots are often highlighted during scanning, providing a visual reference in the heat of battle.

Focusing on Weak Spots

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Focusing on Weak Spots

Once you’ve pinpointed weak spots, concentrate your attacks on these susceptible areas. The best way is to always scan your target, weak spots will be highlighted in yellow. You can also check your Hunter’s Guide after you’ve scanned and inspected your target. Targeting these weak spots ensures maximum damage output and faster victories.

Precision Aiming

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Precision Aiming

Take your time to aim precisely at the identified weak spots. In Pandora’s unforgiving wilderness, accuracy is paramount. A well-aimed shot can make the difference between a hard-fought battle and a swift victory. You can also further hone your skills by choosing upgrades in your Memories of the Hunter Skill Tree, such as Silent Destroyer, and Damage Bonus – Weak spots.

Weapon Selection

Your choice of weaponry is crucial. Certain weapons may prove more effective at targeting weak spots than others. Experiment with different weapons to discover those that align with your playstyle and excel at exploiting vulnerabilities. For example, the following weapons and ammo have the effects:

  • Grenade Arrow: Cause blast damage when they hit enemies.
  • Shellbreaker (Bow/ Spear): Piercing breaks armor.
  • Acrid Pod: Unpleasant smell on impact.
  • Siren Pod: Distractingly shrill sound on impact.

Elemental Mastery

Different weapons in the game with elemental effects come into play. Attacking a machine or creature with a weapon and special ammo that has elemental damage can result in additional damage or the infliction of status effects:

  • Flame Arrow: Inflicts burning, causing damage over time.
  • Storm Arrow: Inflicts a shocked status, stunning the target.
  • Poisoned Arrow: Inflicts poison, causing damage over time.

Scent trails

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Scent trails

Use your Na’vi senses to follow scent trails and locate your prey. This skill is essential for tracking and hunting creatures. Scan the area and look for hazy lines, red scent trails are for hostile creatures, the lighter the color the less threat it poses.

Life Stages

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Life Stages

Keep in mind that many creatures have young, adult, and mature versions. While adult and mature creatures are rarer, they yield more valuable materials.

Merciful and Clean Kills

To obtain high-quality materials, aim for merciful and clean kills. A “merciful kill” means hitting only the creature’s weak spots, while a “clean kill” involves taking down your quarry in a single, well-placed shot. Using the wrong weapon and or ammo can lead to “ruined kills” and you will not be able to gather anything from your kill.

Respect for Pandora

Remember that senseless killing is not in alignment with the Na’vi way of life. Engaging in unnecessary violence may result in the Disharmony condition, which restricts your ability to use Na’vi senses.