Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Trophy Guide & How to Platinum

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is a video game based on the world created by James Cameron. You play as a Na’vi who was taken away by the RDA and trained to be one of their soldiers. The game is about you rediscovering what it means to be Na’vi while taking back Western Pandora from the clutches of a corporate military.

In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know to get started on the busybody work that is the Platinum trophy for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. Nobody said that learning about cultures and cleaning up the environment was going to be a passive activity.

There are 32 trophies to collect in total while cleansing the Western reaches of Pandora:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 4 Gold trophies
  • 15 Silver trophies
  • 12 Bronze trophies

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Song of the Sarentu: Acquire all other trophies

Gold trophies

  • Our Reclamation: Complete the main campaign
  • No Easy Prey: Defeat a Thanator (non-feral)
  • Peak Performance: Unlock an Apex Skill
  • Reclaim Pandora: Reach an air quality level of 100%

Silver trophies

  • Tethered Kites: Collect all windswept kites
  • Eco Warrior: Complete the quest Rising Pressure
  • Doll Collector: Collect all windswept dolls
  • Data Retriever: Complete all recon retrievals
  • A Good Listener: Collect 30 Audio Logs
  • Little by Little: Defeat 10 RDA installations
  • Hit Them Where It Hurts: Defeat five RDA Outposts
  • Story Guardian: Collect 30 Notes
  • Father and Son in the Stars: Collect treasure hunt comics
  • In Harmony: Tune all aeolian wind flutes
  • Vision of the Ancestors: Complete all Sarentu Totem interactions
  • Mushroom Navigator: Complete 10 mycelium network activities
  • Fleet-Footed: Follow all the bladewing moths to their nests
  • One with the Clans: Complete part 3 of the Aranahe Community, Zeswa Community, and Kame’tire Community side quests.
  • Kinglor Carer: Complete the final Steady Wings side quests

Bronze trophies

  • Talk to the Ancestors: Unlock three Ancestor Skills
  • Sprouting Potential: Touch 20 tarsyu saplings
  • Full Bloom: Touch 20 bellsprings
  • First Strike: Complete the quest Becoming
  • Aranahe Alliance: Complete the quest Pushing Back
  • Stronger Together: Complete the quest Combined Forces
  • Clearing the Mist: Complete the quest Revelations
  • Wildflie Expert: Unlock 20 Hunter’s Guide entries for gatherable wildlife
  • Great Gatherer: Unlock 30 Hunter’s Guide entries for gatherable plants
  • Cooking Pot Pro: Unlock three recipes for specialty dishes
  • Apprentice Crafter: Craft a weapon or gear piece of ‘superior’ rarity or higher
  • Becoming Na’vi: Unlock 3 skills in each skill tree
Is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Connected to the Movies

If you’ve ever played games like Far Cry Primal, you’ll feel right at home playing Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. There are collectibles galore scattered around the Western frontiers as well as scientific research that need to be gathered at several points. The RDA will do their best to restrict your movements but taking out their installations and outposts should knock the wind out of their sails.

You won’t be required to do multiple playthroughs of the game to get Platinum. You’ll have more than enough things to collect in one playthrough as it is. Be that as it may, your primary objective is to complete the main campaign to get the ‘Our Reclamation’ Gold trophy first and then go for the Reclaim Pandora Gold trophy after clearing out the rest of the RDA holdouts.

Like many open-world games, you’ll have access to a skill tree where you will learn techniques passed out for generations. Getting familiar with these skills is the first step to becoming a Na’vi. The trophies Talk to the Ancestors and Becoming Na’vi are tied to Ancestor Skills. You’ll unlock the latter by unlocking 3 skills in each skill tree at the cost of 15 skill points.

There are many quests in the game’s main campaign. Several of these quests are tied to trophy progression. These are trophies and the quests you need to clear to get them.

  • First Strike – ‘Becoming’ quest
  • Aranahe Alliance – ‘Pushing Back’ quest
  • Stronger Together – ‘Combined Forces’ quest
  • Clearing the Mist – ‘Revelations’ quest
  • Eco Warrior – ‘Rising Pressure’ quest

Several side quests play a larger role in you rediscovering your roots. There are three-part quests from the Aranahe Community, Zeswa Community, and Kame’tire communities. Completing all of them unlocks the One with the Clans Silver trophy. There’s also the Kinglor Carer Silver trophy for completing all the Steady Wings side quests.

Collectibles are also part of the trophy run. But it’s more like a case for lost and found than actual artifact hunting. There are 9 windswept kites to find to unlock the Tethered Kites Silver trophy. That same goes for the 9 windswept dolls for the Doll Collector Silver trophy. All in all, it’s looking like there are 18 lost objects to bring back to the community.

Aside from looking for lost toys, you’ll also have to tune aeolian wind flutes and interact with Sarentu Totems across the map. There are 13 aeolian wind flutes to tune. Doing so will unlock the In Harmony Silver trophy. 12 Sarentu Totem interactions need to be done as well for the Vision of the Ancestors Silver trophy.

If that’s not enough, you’ll be chasing 11 bladewing moths back to their nests. That’ll net you the Fleet-Footed Silver trophy.

Not all things the humans bring to Pandora are inherently bad. You can still take part in scientific endeavors that can be mutually beneficial to everyone involved. To get the Data Retriever Silver trophy, you’ll need to 9 recon sites and retrieve the data stored there. But that’s not all. You’ll need to complete 10 mycelium network activities to get the Mushroom Navigator Silver trophy.

You can do all the scientifically beneficial stuff during your nature walks where you touch and familiarize yourself with different kinds of fauna and flora.

Oddly enough, audio logs and notes take up the vast majority of collectibles in the game. You’ll get the ‘A Good Listener’ Silver trophy for collecting all 30 audio logs. Similarly, you’ll need to collect 30 notes for the Story Guardian Silver trophy.

The final set of collectibles comes in the form of comic books. These might have been some of the few forms of entertainment provided to recruits during their off time. There are 11 comics to collect for the Father and Son in the Stars Silver trophy.

And finally, taking down RDA installations and outposts is a great way to improve air quality. There are 10 installations and 5 outposts you’ll need to hit and you’d best believe that careful planning and preparation is needed to take them down without difficulty. Doing so unlocks the Little by Little and Hit Them Where It Hurts Silver trophies respectively.

And there you have it, everything you need to be aware of before going on your Platinum run for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. We’ve played quite a bit of the game and we can confidently say that it’s one of these games where should “stop and smell the roses”. It is that immersive. If anything else, you’ll eventually know the places of everything as you uncover more of the map. So you don’t have to worry too much about the collectibles. But the highlight here is Na’vi culture. You’ll learn a lot more here than just watching the movies.