Avatar The Way of Water Teaser Trailer Released

The world of Pandora is as stunning as the original.

avatar the way of water teaser

Avatar The Way of Water teaser trailer has finally been released to the public after its first look on CinemaCon 2022.

20th Century Studios and Lightstorm Studios have finally released the teaser trailer for Avatar The Way of Water and just like how it was described a while ago, it looks stunning. It now focuses more on the water bodies of Pandora where the Sully family is enjoying and interacting with its creatures. It also seems the family consists of the Na’vi and a human. It is either Jake and Neytiri had human and Na’vi children or they adopted one.

In this film sequel, it will be set more than a decade since the events of the first movie. According to the movie description, Sully’s family is going to have some trouble following them around (whatever that means), and will have to survive through many obstacles in their new life. It also mentions that they have tragedies to endure, which could be a death flag of a certain important character in the movie.

Avatar The Way of the Water will be in theaters this coming December 2022.