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Back 4 Blood just launched today and it offers a lot of zombie-shooter fun with eight characters to choose from, different zombie types to fight, a lot of missions to go through, and numerous weapon types to try out.

There are seven types of these weapons ranging from melee to light machine guns. Here is the Back 4 Blood all weapons guide to discuss all weapons types and the weapons available to use.

We will also share our best weapons to bring in a mission.

All Weapons Available in Back 4 Blood


All of the sidearms

There are about seven sidearm guns that you can find all over the Back 4 Blood chapters and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are all of them, our personal rankings of each, its pros and cons, and how they look in-game.


Weapon Tier: C

Pros and Cons: The worst of all sidearms. Good for starters, but has bad mobility, low handling, and firepower is low as well.

Beretta M9/Burst

Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The best sidearm in terms of mobility and handling, if only its damage is higher than the Tec 9. Best for the few surviving Riddens after a big battle.

357 Magnum

Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: The worst magnum to use due to its huge recoil. It is powerful, yes, but the recoil holds it back, making it not suitable for those who are using sniper rifles. Best for semi-automatic guns that need finishers.

Glock 23/Auto

Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: While the Glock 23 has slightly better damage than the Beretta M9, it has slightly poor handling and mobility. Good for a starting sidearm.

Desert Eagle

Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The better magnum to use compared to the 357 Magnum. Powerful gun with little recoil.

The Belgian

Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: One of the best sidearms to use especially with a sniper rifle or a medium-range gun to use. Best for cleaning up crowds of Riddens at close range.


Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: One of the best sidearms to use especially with a sniper rifle as primary. A lot of ammo, good accuracy, balanced handling, and mobility. Good enough to push back a group of Riddens if you get overwhelmed.

Melee Weapons

All hack and slash weapons

There are four melee weapons that are scattered all over the game and can be used as a secondary weapon in combat. It’s the best weapon type to use for characters who are more optimized for melee combat and handy in closed-range fights. It does take a lot of stamina when you swing it though. Also, these weapons cannot be modified, so take them as they are. Here are the four melee weapons and their details.


Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: The bat is the best starter melee weapon to use. Lightweight, good mobility, and decent damage. No striking features though, just handy.

Fire Axe

Weapon Tier: C

Pros and Cons: The worst melee weapon to use due to its poor handling and it’s heavy. It takes the most stamina to swing around and that means with no stamina, you will have slower reaction time and hits on Riddens. You’ll die quickly if you swing this around recklessly. Has the highest damage though.


Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The upgraded version of the bat. Great handling, lightweight, balanced, doesn’t take a lot of stamina to swing, and very handy. If you see no other melee weapon and see this, this is the better choice.


Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: Surprisingly the best melee weapon to use in Back 4 Blood. Super lightweight, decent damage, and has the best handling a mobility with a score of 100. Does not take a lot of stamina when swung around. The best to use in closed-range battles.

Assault Rifles

Balanced and accurate

The assault rifle is a short, compact, type of weapon that can handle long ranges and has a good amount of bullets to waste on Ridden. One of the best guns to use as it is newbie-friendly. Here are the five assault rifles you can find in the game.

M4 Carbine

Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: The M4 Carbine is the most balanced assault rifle of all despite being a starter gun. It has decent damage, good range, great accuracy, handling, and mobility. Perfect for customizations and more.


Weapon Tier: C

Pros and Cons: The worst assault rifle to use in the game due to its strong recoil and bad handling. When it shoots, it sprays all over the screen like a light machine gun.


Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The better version of the M4 Carbine in real life, but not the preferred choice in B4B. Despite its higher stats compared to its sibling, it only fires 3 round bursts, which is the downside.


Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: An automatic rifle that offers high damage, but it fires slowly compared to the other ARs, unfortunately. Has good accuracy, handling, and mobility stats though.

Ranch Rifle

Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: A semi-automatic rifle that has high firepower. It tries to be a sniper rifle with AR stats, but that’s what makes it unfortunate. It has super high recoil instead.

Light Machine Guns

Go Rambo~

There are only two light machine gun types available in B4B. It has a very high damage output, but it has the biggest downside of all guns: its super high recoil and poor handling. If you are just going to continuously fire the LMG, your bullets will be going everywhere on the screen and sometimes might not hit the target at all. Best for crowd control.


Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The worst gun to use of all of them. High output, but the recoil is so bad and the handling is so poor. It is also heavy to carry. You might need a lot of customization to compensate.


Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: The better light machine gun to use in B4B. While its recoil is bad and handling is poor, it does have better accuracy and mobility compared to the RPK.

Submachine Guns

Handy dandy bullet sprayer

The submachine gun is the “little brother” of the assault rifle and is more powerful than a handgun. It has the best handling stat, almost no recoil, a lot of bullets, and slightly has less damage than the AR. This is the best weapon to use for mobility, flexibility, and chipping away damage on bosses and mutated Ridden. Just be careful with firing it because it sprays a lot of bullets. Check out all four submachine guns below.


Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: The most versatile submachine gun of all four. Has low damage, good accuracy, handling, and high mobility with very low recoil.


Weapon Tier: C

Pros and Cons: The worst submachine gun to use in B4B. Has low range, unremarkable accuracy, somehow band with handling, but has good mobility. Recoil is surprisingly a bit bad too.


Weapon Tier: B

A good submachine gun to use with great accuracy, handling, and mobility unfortunately it has a really high rate of fire, which can make you waste bullets in no time.


Weapon Tier: S

The best submachine gun to use in B4B with the highest firepower of the four. Very accurate good handling and mobility. Also has almost no recoil at all.



The shotgun is the best gun to use for crowd control. It might have a very low range, but when you have a lot of Ridden coming towards you, this can damage all of them in a flash. Sprays a lot of pellets and the damage is quite strong as well. Best for those who love close-range action. Check out all four models below.

870 Express

Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: A good shotgun to have with high firepower, but the accuracy is quite low. Not that much with handling, but mobility is quite good. You just need to be quite close to hit the Riddens squarely in the face.

TAC 14

Weapon Tier: C

Pros and Cons: The worst shotgun to have though it has the highest firepower among the four. Bad handling and very strong recoil, you might want to back up after shooting this bad boy after emptying your cartridges.

Super 90

Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: A good semi-automatic shotgun with good firepower. Has bad accuracy, but the handling and mobility are great. Recoil is not that strong as well.


Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: The best shotgun to have in B4B with good firepower. It’s the best due to its low recoil, good handling, and best mobility.

Sniper Rifles

Outta sight and maximum firepower

The sniper rifles have the highest firepower of all weapons in Back 4 Blood even if it has a strong recoil. It is also highly accurate with sights and handling. The bad news is it’s super-strong recoil, which is why you need to hang back if you want to use this powerful weapon.


Weapon Tier: B

Pros and Cons: It’s a semi-automatic sniper rifle that offers high damage. The good news is that it has great stats, the bad news is its recoil, which is quite strong. Best for those who want to be in between sniper mode and AR mode.

Phoenix 350L

Weapon Tier: A

Pros and Cons: It has high firepower with high range and accuracy. Handling and mobility are bad, but the good news is that it has a short bolt time between each shot.

Barret M95

Weapon Tier: S

Pros and Cons: The strongest and best sniper rifle to use in B4B. Has top-tier firepower, range, and accuracy. Bad handling and mobility as well and to top it off, a long bolt time between each shot. But each bullet can down a lot of Ridden due to its power.


There are three throwables as well that can be used for crowd control You have the usual Frag Grenade, which is great for scattering Ridden crowds and giving direct damage on mutated and bosses. The Molotov is for burning up a big crowd of Ridden on one spot and could spread the flames around as well. The Flashbang is just good for getting away and blinding Riddens that might swarm at you.

Best Weapons to Use in Back 4 Blood

M4 CarbineAssault Rifle
AA12 Shotgun Sidearm
TEC 9Sidearm
Beretta M9Sidearm
M1ASniper Rifle
Phoenix 350LSniper Rifle
Barret M95Sniper Rifle

Based on the list we just gave you, there are a few weapons that are recommended to use when playing Back 4 Blood. For those who love ranged weapons and a good sidearm to partner with, the M4 Carbine with The Belgian would be a great pair. The M4 Carbine can be used for Riddens at a distance and for bosses that need fast damage, while The Belgian would be for crowd control. Also, bring either bring a Molotov or a Frag Grenade for that extra damage.

For those who love close-range combat, use the AA12 Shotgun and either bring the TEC 9 or Beretta M9. The shotgun for closed-range, crowd control, and focused damage on bosses while the TEC 9 for Riddens at a distance.

Now for those who love to fight at long distances, bring the Barret M95 together with a hatchet or a good handgun. The sniper rifle can be used to snipe at enemies afar and focus damage on bosses with their weak spots while the hatchet will be for close range or the handgun to spray bullets and keep Riddens at bay while you get away.

If you want to play together with your friends or go try the solo campaign, try out these methods found in this article.

Back 4 Blood is finally available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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