Back 4 Blood Devs Explain Vision for New Game

Game developer Turtle Rock Studios recently shared details of how upcoming video game Back 4 Blood will be different from their old game Left 4 Dead.

The developers recently shared a new video titled Our Vision, speaking about how different this upcoming game will be and it will not be just a Left 4 Dead clone. They revealed that they want combine the zombie co-op shooter experience with modern day graphics and technology.

This new game will not be just about survival anymore. The characters are known to be cleaners and are made up of people either immune to the infection, or at least resistant to it. They want to push back the infection and make more safe places for survivors. They also want to kill a lot of zombies called the Ridden.

The developers want this game to feel bigger and make their characters stronger than the average human. They carry better weapons, but that does not mean the Ridden are weak. They are different than regular zombies and will have different variants.

To make it even crazier than before, the game will have a card system. The world would become darker or foggier, which will make it even more challenging. Players will also have their own cards to choose from that have skills that can counter the effects. These skills vary and can be very helpful in runs.

Back 4 Blood will launch on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC this coming June 22, 2021.

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Here’s the video: