Back 4 Blood Has Different Systems for Cleaners and Ridden Pre-Round

Turtle Rock Studios Lead Producer Matt O’Driscoll recently explained some mechanics about the upcoming video game Back 4 Blood.

O’Driscoll first tackled on the difference between the Ridden and the Cleaners in terms of the system. While the Cleaners have Deck system, the Ridden have the Zombie Mutation System or ZMS for short.

“So what happens at the start of a round you’re granted some points for the ZMS,” started O’Driscoll. “So you can put those points into different abilities depending on which Ridden you’ve decided to play.”

There are different kinds of abilities that focus on offensive, defensive, and utility. It all depends on the type of Ridden they choose and how not to waste those points after getting killed and then respawn back to zero. Players will also gain more points after each round depending on how long they have been playing for and also how well they are doing.

The Cleaners on the other hand have a different kind of system pre-round.

“Cleaner does not only have the cards but while the Ridden are selecting their mutation points and making themselves into bigger and badder killing machines, the Cleaners have a certain amount of time as well,” O’Driscoll explains. “They can look around the arena and we’ve kind of scattered crates everywhere. In those crates you’re going to find different weapons, different pickups, different throwable items, utilities, upgrades, that kind of thing.”

Both teams have ample time to prepare before they start a round, so this would be the perfect chance to adjust abilities, choose items and weapons, and position themselves for the better and clearer advantage.

Back 4 Blood launches on October 8, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Interview source: GameSpot