Back 4 Blood Golden Skull Locations Guide

Learn the secret locations for each Golden Skull hidden in certain chapters.

Back 4 Blood just launched and it offers tons of fun, zombie-shooting action, and multiplayer-cooperative gameplay. It is best played with friends and family. While it is just mindless zombie-action fun, it does have some secrets to unlock, which could benefit you.

Here is the Back 4 Blood Golden Skull locations guide.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skull Locations

Port Man Toe?

back 4 blood golden skull locations

In order to get to this secret location and find the Golden Skull, you must be at Act 1: The Devil’s Return and the Chapter: The Crossing. This will be available when you see the broken bridge where a damaged ferry has lodged in between it and you are trying to get across it.

When you get nearby the ferry, you will see a set of stairs descending to the lower level. Go down and you will be in the parking area of the ferry. Stay at the right side of the railings and move forward until you get past a blue car. Ahead is a hole where a towboat has crashed on the ferry’s side. Jump on it and investigate a bit. You will then see a suitcase with the contents of a severed foot and the golden skull trophy. Press the proper key or button to interact with it to unlock the achievement or trophy “Port Man Toe?”

Bell Hop

For the Bell Hop Golden Skull achievement, you will have to be in Act 1: Search and Rescue Chapter: Bookworms. You will have to visit Haven Apartments where you have to rescue some people trapped inside. First, go through the usual route from the basement entrance and work your way to the upper floors.

On the first floor (after the basement), look for the locked room and enter the office beside it, the left one. Look for a desk in the corner and go behind it. The Golden Skull is on the floor and interacts with it to complete the secret task.

Pallet Cleanser

Pallet Cleanser Golden Skull achievement can be accessed in Act 1: The Dark Before the Dawn Chapter: Special Delivery. After you exit Fort Hope, you will see the gas station. Use the usual route the chapter offers until you reach the lumber yard.

Just climb on top of a dumpster outside it and jump across the pallets until you see one where the Golden Skull trophy sits on. Interact with it to complete the task.

Easily Mist

This is Golden Skull is quite difficult to find due to the heavy mist. You will be in Act 1: Blue Dog Hollow Chapter: Hell’s Bells. Go through the regular route until you will find a large mound between the trailer with the turtle plushies and the wooden shack building.

On this mound is the Golden Skull hidden in the bushes. You just have to climb it and interact with the skull.

Cooped Up

You can find this Golden Skull in Act 2: The Armor Chapter: A Call to Arms. When you go through the regular route, you will encounter Robb’s Mill.

Nearby it is a house with a chicken coop where the vegetable garden is beside it. Check one of the chicken coops with the Golden Skull inside.

Dangerous to go Alone

Be on Act 2: Plan B Chapter: Hinterland to find this Golden Skull. You will encounter a big bridge and there should be a waterfall before it.

Go behind the waterfall to find the Golden Skull inside a small cave.


Begin Act 2: Job 10:22 Chapter Grave Danger to find this Golden Skull. In your journey towards the safe house, you will encounter a creepy church called St. Johnson’s Church on top of the hill. Go on the right side path instead of the left and you will find a graveyard.

Go towards the end of it and find an open crypt. Step inside and when you are at the doorway, you will see a turtle plush on the ground. Beside it is the Golden Skull.

Night of the Living Hedge

Be on Act 3: Dr. Rogers Neighborhood Chapter: Garden Party for this Golden Skull. You will encounter a garden maze in this mission. Exit the maze and you will find stairs going up.

Instead of continuing the route, go to the next opening nearby. Just follow the path and it will lead you to the Golden Skull sitting on top of some sort of statue.

Extra Credit

In Act 3: Remnants Chapter: Making the Grade, there is a Golden Skull in it. You will encounter the school gymnasium and the regular route will point you to the safehouse where you will climb the bleachers and go through the window.

Go right and follow the path until you will see some stairs. Do not climb them but instead go right and then turn right again until you find a blue tent with yellow highlights. Find the Golden Skull inside mixed with other trash.

Mind Your Step

This last Golden Skull can be found on Act 4: The Abomination Chapter: The Abomination. The game will now task you to destroy the boss’ weak spots.

Instead of following a wide and large vein, go right to the thinner veiny bridge and cross it. At the end of it and somewhere in those gross fleshy parts is the Golden Skull.

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Back 4 Blood is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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