Baldur’s Gate 3 Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests Guide

This guide talks about the quests that can be found within the Druid Grove in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Druid Grove is one of the locations that can be visited in Baldur’s Gate 3. The druids in the grove have opened their doors to take in refugees who have fled from the goblins who have invaded their homes. However, due to the incoming invasion, some of the druids think that they should close the grove once more and send the refugees on their way, as their supplies would not last for everyone residing in the grove.

Read ahead as we go through the quests that can be taken in the Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

  • Removing the Parasite
    • Get help from Healer Nettie
    • Rescue the Druid Halsin
    • Find the Githyanki Crèche
    • Deal with Auntie Ethel
  • Save the Refugees
  • Save Arabella
  • Investigate Kagha
  • Investigate the Beach
  • Steal the Sacred Idol

Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests Walkthrough

There are several quests that can be initiated within the Druid Grove, some of them have objectives that will send you to other regions in the map.

Removing the Parasite

Removing the Parasite is an overarching quest that starts off in Ravaged Beach, though a number of its sub quests and objectives are done within the Druid Grove. For a more in-depth guide, check out our Removing the Parasite quest guide which lists the other related quests.

Get help from Healer Nettie

Get help from Healer Nettie - Removing the Parasite - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

The tieflings that caught Lae’zel has mentioned a cleric named Nettie that resides in the grove. She can be found within the grove’s infirmary and is busy tending to its inhabitants. Upon telling her about your infection of the illithid parasite, she proposes a “cure”. However, she later reveals that she wasn’t intending to cure you, but rather she poisoned you to save the others from being infected.

After being pressed for an antidote, she gives you one, but she also gives you another poison and makes you promise to drink it should you finally transform into a Mind Flayer.

Rescue Druid Halsin

Rescue Druid Halsin - Removing the Parasite - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

The adventurers that you see by the gates upon arriving at the entrance to the grove mentioned that Halsin was with them. But during the scuffle with the goblins, he transformed into his beast form and got separated from them. After gathering more details, your party decides to check the place where the goblins take their prisoners and hope that you find Halsin there.

After searching the goblin’s hideout, you find Halsin in his beast form inside a cage. You then help in releasing him and defeating all of his captors. Before leaving, Halsin asks for your help in defeating the other goblin leaders as well in exchange for his help in removing the parasite.

After going back to the grove and following his advice to wait for a day, Halsin arrives at the conclusion that he doesn’t have the cure for it, but assures that because the transformation has been unusually delayed, you don’t have to worry much about it. He then points you toward the Moonrise Towers as he thinks that the place holds the answer to the parasite problem.

Find the Githyanki Crèche

Find the Githyanki Crèche - Removing the Parasite - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

Upon saving Lae’zel, she wishes to speak to Zorru as he holds some clue on where to find the crèche that would help them remove the parasite. Zorru, who can be found near the grove’s training grounds, tells that he encountered a group of Githyanki soldiers by the Mountain Pass.

As you arrive at the Mountain Pass, Lae’zel confronts the commander of the group to lead her to the crèche, but he refuses and decides to eliminate your party instead. After winning the fight, Lae’zel discovers an Elaborate Plate that leads her to where the crèche is.

Deal with Auntie Ethel

Deal with Auntie Ethel - Removing the Parasite - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

Auntie Ethel is one of the merchants in the grove. Upon meeting her for the first time, she senses that there is something wrong with you. Upon telling her that you have the illithid parasite, she then offers her services to remove it – for a price.

If you agree to her offer, she then asks for one of your eyes to do her thing to it, though she does not elaborate much about what it is. She then transforms into her true hag form and proceeds to take out your eye to do her spell on it. After returning your eye back, she then tries to take out the parasite from your head. However, she stops upon sensing that it’s no ordinary parasite and refuses to work on it anymore. Despite demanding her to hold her end of the deal, she stubbornly refuses and gives you a charm and a debuff instead.

Save the Refugees

Save the Refugees - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

Due to the invasion and the turmoil that’s happening in the land, people have been going to the Druid Grove seeking for shelter. However, Kagha believes that all of the refugees are intruders and if they stay in the grove, all of them will die once their resources run out soon. Talking to Zevlor, he wishes to make his fellow tieflings leave the grove, but is hesitant because of how dangerous the roads are due to the goblins that patrol it.

Defeat the Goblins

Defeat the Goblins - Save the Refugees - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

If you choose to help the tieflings and eliminate the goblins, talk to Wyll who can be found at the grove’s training ground. He is one of the recruitable characters that can join your party as well. He will be eager to help you in clearing out the goblins in their camp.

Once you arrive in the camp, your objective is to locate the three goblin leaders and kill then: Boss Razglin, Priestess Gut, and Minthara. At this point, you can also look for Halsin and try to free him and get him to help you with the goblins.

You can speak to Razglin first and he will tell you to look for Minthara as she is planning to raid the grove. Speak to Minthara and through your conversation, she will try to use your memories to locate where the grove is. If you pass, you will have the option to refuse in joining her raid and engage with her in a fight. If you agree to joining the raid, you will have to travel back to the grove to warn others.

Raid the Grove

Raid the Grove - Save the Refugees - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

If you decide to take the fight to the grove, speak to Zevlor to tell him about the invasion. He will tell you about the barrels of oil that you can place by the entrance. Gather the barrels and space them out in front of the gate. Minthara and her minions will arrive.

Thinking that you are still on her side, you can either betray Zevlor or betray Minthara. Stand with the tieflings and start the battle. Have someone blow up the barrels to quickly thin down the enemies’ numbers. The battle ends once Minthara is killed.

Zevlor will then talk to the tieflings and tell them that they will be heading to Baldur’s Gate safely now that the goblins have been dealt with. Halsin will also show up after the fight. Depending on the order you did the quests, you may also have another cutscene with Kagha afterwards.

Save Arabella

Save Arabella - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

Talk to the worried tiefling parents to start the quest. They will tell you that their daughter Arabella has been arrested by Kagha at the Emerald Grove for stealing the idol. The child is under threat to be punished by Kagha who has always been against the outsiders.

If you successfully talk Kagha into not punishing Arabella, the child will then be set free. You can then talk to the parents to complete the quest.

If you fail to talk Kagha out of the punishment, her snake will bite Arabella which causes the child’s death. You can then talk to Arabella’s parents to tell them about her death and they will grieve for her. (If Kagha survives in the next quest, Arabella’s mom will have her revenge scene later on)

Arabella’s quest will open the opportunity for you to investigate Kagha further for her deed and for her hidden agenda.

Investigate Kagha

Investigate Kagha - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

In a hidden ledge within the Servants’ Quarters and look for Kagha’s chest. Inside is a letter that would serve as evidence that she is working for someone else.

Head to the Sunlit Wetlands and locate the stump of a large tree. Clear out the enemies that surround it, then inspect the surrounding of the trump to try and get a successful perception check. You should see a crevice by the side of the trunk and inside it is another letter that proves that Kagha is working with the shadow druids.

You can then head back to the grove and confront Kagha. The rats that have been in the grove will turn out to be shadow druids all along. You still have an opportunity to talk Kagha out of her plans of siding with the shadow druids; if you succeed, she will fight along your side against them instead.

Once the shadow druids have been defeated, you will complete the quest. As Halsin arrives from the goblin camp, a cutscene will play where he reprimands Kagha for her actions; there are two versions of this cutscene that depends on whether or not you were able to uncover Kagha’s plans.

Investigate the Beach

Investigate the Beach - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

Once you head to the coast, you will hear a strange music by the beach. Head towards the Secluded Cove by the east to start your investigation. You will then see an entranced child by the shore, listening to the music. Shortly after, you will be attacked by the harpies who have been the ones playing the music.

At the start of the fight, all of your units, including the child, will be entranced by the harpies. Your units will have a chance to resist getting lured by them, especially if they get hit. To help the child, you can shove him or do a weak attack to wake him up. After defeating all the harpies, the child will thank you and tell you to visit Mol and talk to another child named Doni.

Once you meet with Doni, tell him that you want to see the Dragon’s Lair. He will then point you to the secret hatch that leads to the Tiefling Hideout. You can then talk to the leader of the tiefling kids, Mol, and she thanks you for saving the child from earlier (and Arabella if you have saved her in her quest).

Steal the Sacred Idol

Steal the Sacred Idol - Chapter 1 Druid Grove Quests

After meeting Mol, she will ask you to steal the Sacred Idol from the Sacred Pool. The catch is that the idol will always have eyes looking at it.

If you try to steal the idol outright, the druids will be alerted and they will wage war against the outsiders. You will also have to be in a fight against the druids which will complicate any other quests that you have.

If you steal the idol while being hidden, only one druid will be alerted. They will approach you and ask you if you have seen the idol. You will have the option to intimidate, attack, or deceive them, with the third option letting you go without a problem if you pass the check.

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