Baldur’s Gate 3 House of Hope Guide

This guide talks about how to reach the House of Hope and how to navigate through it in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 House of Hope cover

The House of Hope is a location in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is where the devil Raphael resides and in order to reach this location, a certain kind of ritual must be done. Read ahead as we go through the House of Hope and share some tips on how to reach it and on what to do while inside it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to reach BG3 House of Hope

To reach the House of Hope, you don’t necessarily have to accept Raphael’s deal.

If you accept Raphael’s deal while having Karlach in the party, Karlach will be opposed to this deal and suggests a way to break into the House of Hope to find the contract where your deal is written on and destroy it. (Escape the Deal quest)

If you reject Raphael, you can still head into the House of Hope where you can steal the Orphic Hammer instead. (Free Orpheus quest)

How to reach BG3 House of Hope

In order to know how to get into the House of Hope, you will need to go to the shop called the Devil’s Fee in the northwestern section of Baldur’s Gate. In here, you will meet the NPC named Helsik who offers her services that allow mortals to visit Avernus.

Helsik will charge you 20,000 for her services which you can pay outright, or you can choose to haggle to half by an Intimidation check. You can also do a Persuasion check to enter into a deal with Helsik on a free service in exchange for stealing an artifact that is in the House of Hope.

Whichever option to choose or succeed with, Helsik will give you the five items that you need for the ritual that will open the gate to the House of Hope.

How to open the portal to the House of Hope

Open the Ritual Pouch that you received and take out all of the items from it. Then, head upstairs and use Helsik’s Key to open the ritual room.

You will see the blood circle on the ground. Following the note on the ritual, you will need to place the items on their right positions around the circle.

With the camera facing northwards (blood circle arrow pointing west), place these items in these points:

  • Skull – west, on the arrow
  • Coin of Mammon – northwest
  • Diamond – northeast
  • Incense – southeast
  • Infernal Marble – center

If done correctly, the portal will open up from the ground.

Before going through the portal, you need to make sure that your party is prepared to face the challenges ahead as you won’t be able to set up camp inside the house.

BG3 House of Hope Walkthrough

BG3 House of Hope Walkthrough

As you approach the gate to the House of Hope, you will be met by a character named Hope, or at least her apparition as she is actually help as a prisoner inside the house. She can offer her help in navigating you through the house. If you accept, you can ask her where the contract is located, but only if you ask it very quietly by passing any of the checks; choose the one that your character will most likely pass.

Hope will then reveal the location of the contract which is in the Archive. She will then ask you for a favor to save her; if you accept, you will start the Save Hope quest. All of your party members will be given a disguise by Hope to make it a bit easier for you to go through the house.

Procced through the gate and walk through the Foyer to reach the Feast Hall. Then, head east, then south to see the Prison Hatchway. Pass the Strength check to open the hatchway. Before you head through the door of Hope’s prison, Hope will appear once again to have some dialogue with you.

Once you open the door, a fight will proceed. You will be fighting against several imps and spectators. Hope’s physical body will also be in the middle of a platform as she is being held up by chains. Depending on your characters, you can jump on to the other platforms or just stay by the door and wait for the enemies to approach you. Be careful when dealing AoE spells as it can also hit Hope if she is within range.

After the fight is over, you can then free Hope by smashing the two crystals that power up her chains. She will then thank you for saving her and then she will join you in finding your contract.

Escape the Deal (cont’d.)

Still in Hope’s Prison, go towards the east and you will find a Cragged Rock that leads you to the outer walls of the house. You can then follow the path and jump over the gaps until you end up at Raphael’s Chamber.

Look for the large portrait of Raphael and push the button below it. It will trigger a trap, but it will also reveal a safe behind it. You will then need to pass a Dexterity check with DC 25 in order to open it. Inside the safe are Raphael’s Notes and some Soul Coins. The note confirms that the contract is in the Archive and it also shows a hint to the password for the Archive.

Before you can make your way into the Archive, you will be fighting against several of Raphael’s demons. It’s best to do a surprise attack on the ones by the door first, then try to call the attention of the others without pushing any further until everyone is dealt with. If you’re low on health, Hope can provide a huge AoE heal to your party.

Once the path to the Archive is clear, go inside it and you will see the contract inside an impervious sphere. Approach it and then choose the option to say the password to dispel the barrier. Tear the contract, then before leaving the archive, head to the wing on the right to get the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength for Helsik.

Make your way back to the front gate. You will be meeting some opposition by the Feast Hall; clear them out then continue towards the exit.

Raphael Boss Fight

Raphael Boss Fight - BG3

As you approach the portal, Raphael will appear along with his subordinates Yurgir and Korrilla. He then berates you for going against your deal.

Before the fight starts, you have the opportunity to persuade (DC30) Yurgir to fight by your side if you have beaten him once before. If you succeed, he will fight along you and will act on his own.

Raphael will also call upon his horde of cambions so it’s best to deal with them with additional summons, or with spells that have crowd control. It’s best to deal with Raphael last or at least keep him subdued until all of the rest of his summons and Korrilla are taken down.

Hope - BG3

By the end of the fight, Hope will be thankful that you freed her and killed Raphael, but is sad that her sister Korrilla had to die. She decides to stay instead of going back Faerun and she also gives you the Legendary Gloves of Soul Catching. If you manage to spare Korrilla after killing Raphael, Hope will rather become disappointed that you didn’t kill her sister, but she will still reward you with the gloves.