Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get Mithral Ore – BG3 Guide

This guide talks about where to get Mithral Ores in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Mithral Ore cover

Mithral Ore is one of the crafting materials that can be obtained in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is the main material used to craft some powerful adamantine gear and weapons, and they can only be found within the depths of Grymforge. Read ahead as we share the locations of where to find the Mithral Ores in BG3.

Mithral Ore Locations

There are two spots where you can find Mithral Ore within the Grymforge. These ores are still part of a larger Mithral Vein which are large boulders containing the ore.

Mithral Ore Locations BG3

For the first ore, start at the top of the ladder that leads to the Adamantine Forge, then head to the path towards the south. You will then have to jump across the lava to reach the Mithral Vein on the other side.

Mithral Ore Locations 2 BG3

For the second ore, start from the Ancient Forge waypoint then take the path towards east. You will see the vein on the wall near some bookcases.

To mine the Mithral Ore from the veins, you will need to hit the vein with any attack that deals Force damage like Eldritch Blast or Magic Missile. Alternatively, you can also just throw anything heavy at the vein until it breaks, revealing a single ore.

Mithral Ore Uses

Mithral Ore is needed to craft the adamantine weapons and gear. Aside from the ore, you will need the corresponding moulds to craft the items Listed below are the adamantine gear that can be crafted from the ore:

  • Adamantine Scimitar
  • Adamantine Shield
  • Adamantine Longsword
  • Adamantine Splint Armour
  • Adamantine Mace
  • Adamantine Scale Armor
Mithral Ore Uses BG3

To craft the ore, interact with the crucible in the center of the forge, then place a Mithral Ore in it. Next, interact with the Mould Chamber and place the mould for the item that you need to be crafted. Then, pull the lever nearby to start the process.

Be prepared to reposition your units as the forge will be lowered down and lava will be filling in the lower areas. Spread them around standing on top of the circle sections surrounding the crucible. Once everyone is in their positions, have one nearest the Laval Valve turn the valve to let the lava flow.

Grym - How to Get Mithral Ore BG3

After releasing the lava, you will also be getting into a fight against the Grym which is the protector of the forge. This boss is immune to any damage that you throw it, so you will need to use the lava to soften its armor, then have someone pull the lever to drop the hammer once Grym stands on the center. After defeating Grym, you can then get the crafted item from the chamber. Don’t forget to loot Grym’s armor to get the Grymskull Helm.