Baldur’s Gate 3 Minsc Companion Guide

This guide talks about how to recruit Minsc as a companion in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Minsc cover

Minsc is one of the ten companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. One of the returning characters from the previous games, Minsc has found himself still miraculously alive, but in a totally different time period. Together with his companion, Boo, they still try to help Baldur’s Gate get rid of its invaders, but it didn’t work out well when the Absolute got hold of him. Read ahead as we talk more about Minsc and how to recruit him as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3: How to recruit Minsc

To recruit Minsc, you will have to recruit Jaheira first, then do her The High Harper companion quest. If Jaheira is dead before you reach Minsc, you will still be able to find Minsc, but you won’t be able to recruit him. In this quest, Jaheira will be needing your help to look for her old friend Minsc after hearing rumors of a man that matches his description.

BG3: Start Jaheira's Quest to find Minsc

To start the quest, talk to Jaheira and she will tell you to go to the Danthelon’s Dancing Axe to meet with the Harpers. Once you arrive at the shop, look for a ladder that leads down to the lower level and then talk to Geraldus. During the conversation, Jaheira will do a Wisdom check; if she succeeds, she will notice that Geraldus is talking in code and that the other Harpers are setting them up in a trap. Jaheira then telepathically tells you to strike while they are focused at her. Doing so will start a fight.

After the fight, Jaheira talks to Geraldus and finds out that the Harpers you fought were already doppelgangers from the cult of Bhaal. Now that the Harpers are no longer around, you will need to look for another source to locate Minsc of Rashemen.

Find Minsc

After taking a long rest, speak to Jaheira again and she will tell you that she wants to speak to Nine-Fingers Keene. To find the location of the guild, head to the Heapside Strand waypoint in Baldur’s Gate, then follow the street that goes northeast. You will eventually find an NPC named Tusgront who is blocking the path. You can then pass a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check so that he can lead you to the secret entrance of their guild.

Go to the office to find Nine-Fingers Keene. You will later find out that Minsc is now known as the Stone Lord and is treated as a rival by the guild. Nine-Fingers Keene does not reveal any other details such as where Minsc is, but she spills that they are planning to set a trap for him.

Go to the east side of the guildhall to find Tut Thislebog. Talk to him and do the necessary checks to find out that Minsc is in the Counting House and will be ambushed soon by the Nine-Fingers.

Find Minsc at the Counting House

Find Minsc at the Counting House - BG3: How to recruit Minsc

Head over to the Counting House and talk to the clerk over at the counter. Go through the dialogue, then pass some Persuasion checks and he will give you the Bank Pass that you can use to get through the guards on the way to the vault. Before going down to the vaults, you can visit the Head Banker’s office first where you will find a note that contains the code that you will need later on.

Down in the vaults, you will find the main vault door and the floor in front of it have number pads going from 1 to 9. If you saw the note from earlier, the code that you need to use is 1356 or, when aligned north, northeast, southeast, center, south. Alternatively, there is another note in the same room that suggests that you can override the lock by casting water on the number pads, then casting any electric spell to cause the lock to short.

Once you arrive inside the vaults, go through the cutscene where you will finally see Minsc coming out of the mimic trap that was set for him. The doppelganger Jaheira will appear and take Minsc out of the place, leaving you to fight with the rest of the guards.

Search the Sewers for Minsc

Search the Sewers for Minsc - BG3: How to recruit Minsc

After dealing with the guards and exiting the Counting House, make your way to the sewers by taking the manhole southwest of the Bloomridge Park. Head west down in the sewers until you see Minsc and the doppelganger Jaheira talking to another guild member. Minsc will see you and will initiate a fight with you.

In this fight, you will be up against Minsc, the doppelganger and some of his troops. When fighting Minsc, make sure to toggle your non-lethal attacks so that you just knock him out and not kill him which will prevent you from recruiting him. Once he’s down, Jaheira will tell you to use your illithid powers to stop Minsc from going berserk due to the Absolute’s influence. The Emperor will be against your action, but you can ignore him to save Minsc.

Minsc will finally come to his senses, but he runs off to find his missing companion. Follow him until he finds Boo, his hamster companion. They will then ask to join your party, to which you can agree.

BG3 Minsc

BG3: Minsc Personality and Preferences

Minsc has quite the heroic attitude as he wants to help save Baldur’s Gate from the invading threats. He fights along with his tiny companion Boo who he adores and treats as his friend. Unfortunately, Minsc is not a romanceable character and since you meet him late in the game, you won’t get as much interaction with him when compared to the other companions that you meet earlier. This may or may not change in future patches or updates of the game.

BG3: Minsc Stats

Minsc is a Ranger with a Folk Hero background. As a Human, he has access to the Civil Militia and Human Versatility Traits. He has the following base stats:

  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 17
  • Con: 13
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 15
  • Cha: 10
  • Initiative: +3