Baldur’s Gate 3 Translation Firm Promises to Change After Messing Up

The firm also listed commitments for change.

The translation firm that handled the localization team that got uncredited in Baldur’s Gate 3 now promises to make changes after yesterday’s mess-up.

Altagram is the translation company that handled the uncredited localization staff that worked for more or less three years on Baldur’s Gate 3 and has now issued a lengthy public apology and has listed its commitments to change. The changes were posted on the official Twitter account of the company.

The firm stated that it had “come to our attention that the omission of translator credits from our contribution to Baldur’s Gate 3 has generated frustration and disappointment among the freelance translator community.”

At first, it was Larian Studios was blamed for all of this, but in a statement yesterday, it was revealed that Altagram was the one who failed to provide a full list of names. The game company demanded the complete list immediately so they could add the credits in the upcoming patch.

“We take full responsibility for the omission of our freelancers’ names and apologize for the effects that it had,” Altagram said in the statement.

“We are learning from this experience and are reviewing the failures of our internal processes regarding credits. We would like to thank Larian for allowing us to quickly fix that error and update the credits section. The names of the Brazilian Portuguese translators will be included in an upcoming patch to the game.”

“Once more, we acknowledge that this has been an unfortunate and frustrating experience, and that all too often in this industry, freelance contributors do not receive the recognition they deserve,” Altagram’s statement today continues.

“As a leader in the game localization space, we aspire to be a positive example and to lead change across the industry for credits in games, as seen by our commitments we have outlined.”

Altagram then listed seven commitments it will adhere to make sure proper accreditation of its works in the future. It includes the establishment of an internal crediting committee, improved transparency between clients and staff, and commitment to the IGDA guidelines which were set out earlier this year.