Batman The Enemy Within: What Ails You Review – The Jokes On You!

Continuing this new approach to the Batverse has never disappointed me the least. Telltale Games’ Batman: The Enemy Within rights some of the things that the first season had done wrong but opened some new ones. It’s getting more and more intriguing, and the more you get into the game, the more you get reeled in.

Episode 4: What Ails You brings in a big opener for the Clown Prince for the finale.

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.
Disclosure: I do not replay the episodes until the whole season is finished.

Platform Reviewed: PS4 (PS4 Pro)
Platforms AvailableXbox One, PC, PS4
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Release Date: January 23, 2018
MSRP: $19.99 (Season Pass)
This review is based on a Season Pass code provided by Telltale Games.

What Ails You brings in an intense opening. As Bruce Wayne’s motives got exposed after The Fractured Mask, that’s if you chose to save Selina Kyle from an impending death, this episode puts Batman into the spotlight once again. It feels that they had to make sure they get the combat all flavored up that everyone will enjoy all the action that this episode shows. What was teased about Amanda Waller’s true intentions in Telltale Games’ press release, it did give me somewhat a glimpse of a possible Season 3 that might involve Task Force X or otherwise known as the Suicide Squad, and also a side-kick. I’m not going to leave some juicy details, but it does keep your mind wondering what Season 3 or the finale can execute.

However, with all these excitements for the finale and that possibility of a next season, What Ails You does have its own setbacks when it comes to the narrative. There weren’t any points where, aside from putting guesses into your head for the next episode or season, it makes you thrilled. Yes, there were notable nearly perfect and entertaining fist-fights between Batman and the villains, but the writing fell flat though. As I progressed through the episode, boredom caught up as I began yawning in most of the parts. It was predictable and the episode still did not feature any engaging moments where Mr. Freeze did something worth remembering. I was left upset that Mr. Freeze was just merely a character who was left on the sidewalk.

As for John Doe and Harley Quinn, the former had most of the screentime than the latter. What Ails You tried to focus on John Doe’s character development and his path to become the Clown Prince or possibly another identity. This approach to John’s writing does give a whole new perspective to the origins of the Joker. And what’s great about it is that you are in control on how you mold John Doe which makes the whole Season 2 more of an origin story of the Joker. But Telltale Games teased us what John Doe’s outfit might be in the finale which spoiled us the big surprise. Frankly, Telltale Games should have had waited for the finale to show John Doe’s new get-up.

When we go into the Batman: The Enemy Within‘s performance on the PS4, now, I’ve played this on my new PS4 Pro. There haven’t been any significant improvements when it came to performance, however, it’s worth noting that the PS4 Pro does offer a bit of a smoother experience compared to the standard PS4. But for now, since I have sold my original PS4 to upgrade to a PS4 Pro, I can attest that the performance is a lot more solid across all PS4 systems – may it be a Pro or not.

I never had any complaints from What Ails You aside from its dull scenes and the take of Mr. Freeze, it did leave me quite excited for the finale, Same Stitch, this month or next month. I can’t wait to see the Joker in full action!

Batman The Enemy Within: What Ails You - Review
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