Battlefield 2042 Will Fill In AI Soldiers in Both Multiplayer and Solo to Ensure Matches Remain Full

Game company Electronic Arts and studio DICE share some important details about upcoming and most anticipated video game Battlefield 2042.

The publisher has recently shared a new post that talked about the features of the game like maps, specialists, game modes, and more. One of the details they revealed was about how multiplayer works in the game like its mechanics and whatnot.

EA revealed that there is a new feature for this particular title of the game series and that is the introduction of AI soldiers. They actually play a role in this game, which is to make sure matches are always full when it is missing some human players joining in.

  • Multiplayer – AI soldiers are used for server-filling capabilities, ensuring your matches remain full, no matter your location.
  • Co-Op – Allows you to play together with friends, against AI soldiers.
  • Solo – If you wish to perfect your skills for multiplayer, you can even play alone against AI soldiers.

As you can see, AI soldiers will fill in the roles of the blank slots so that it will ensure all matches are always full. EA wants players to enjoy a full multiplayer experience in this game and to do that, it will always have tons of players, whether human or AI, to play with.

No details yet if players can customize how many slots can be opened or can they even be closed for lesser player count.

Battlefield 2042 launches October 22, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Official Website