Battlefield 6 Leaks Reveal Possible Trailer Through Last Week’s Screengrabs

Battlefield 6 has become a notoriously leaked game after several screengrabs were shared last week and this time they have been combined to look like a trailer. Almost.

Battlefield V

Last week, there were a batch of leaked images that some claim it was from the upcoming trailer of the game. It had a black streak in the middle and was kind of obstructing the whole thing. The images alone looked quite fake to most people so it was taken with a great grain of salt. Like, a lot because it was not convincing anyone.

Until now.

It seems there have been more images and small clips revealed recently and they were all combined in a sequence to show somehow the possible upcoming trailer. It still has the black streak in the middle, so it is blocking a lot. It does, however, now looks smore convincing with clearer images.

There is another trailer coming from TikTok and might have revealed a small clip from the upcoming game. The first few clips were based from previous titles, but nearing the end of the video, it showed something different that previous games from the franchise did not have. It had the HUD that resembled from the first leak and had that robot dog, which was also seen from another leak.

All of these take them with a grain of salt for now because it could all be just a work from a fan and not from the official trailer. There are other rumors saying that EA might be releasing a whole new different trailer instead of the leaked one.

The upcoming new Battlefield game (assuming 6th title) will be revealed next month. It should be coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S , PS4, and PS5.

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