Battlefield Franchise Gets New Boss Vince Zampella

Old leadership leaves, new ones arrive.

battlefield 1

The Battlefield franchise is getting a new boss and this is from Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella.

As DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson leaves the company to pursue a new endeavor, according to media outlet GameSpot, the ones left behind will be following a new boss and this time it is from Respawn’s. It will be Zampella who will fill in new big shoes.

Aside from Zampella, Halo Designer Marcus Lehto will be building a new development team in Seattle. It will focus more on storytelling for the Battlefield universe. The makers of Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode, Ripple Effect will be developing a new Battlefield experience in the Battlefield 2042 game.

Both Lehto’s team and Ripple Effect will work together to expand and improve Battlefield 2042, which had a very unfortunate launch.  The prior will be making a new studio in the Seattle area, but it has no name yet. They will also collaborate with the latter team.

Longtime Call of Duty Veteran Byron Beede has revealed that Lehto and his team will be expanding Battlefield 2042’s narrative across a “variety of experiences.” Beede teased that this will be the foundation for storytelling chances and for the future as well.

Ripple Effect will continue to support Portal while getting to work on a new experience on the Battlefield 2042 universe. Ripple Effect Leader Christian Grass has no comment on what their team is developing outside Portal.

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