Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Features Battlefield 4 Characters

Two familiar characters meet each other in the battlefield.

Game company Electronic Arts has released the promised Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film and it includes familiar faces.

For fans of the Battlefield franchise, they might know who Kimble “Irish” Graves and Clayton “Pac” Pakowski from Battlefield 4. This now confirmed that 2042 takes place in the same world of the fourth title, but is set years later, more or less.

In the Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film, Irish leads the group No-Pats, a group of individuals whose do not have countries anymore because they have collapsed for some reason. The short film did not reveal the reason, but an electronic ad that gets shown in it did reveal that countries have collapsed.

Irish is seen meeting with someone on a jet ski and seemingly trying to hand him a briefcase when suddenly he gets shot in the head. A gun battle ensues with Irish barely winning the fight. As he retrieves the briefcase and looks for survivors, he is surprised that one of those who fought was Pac.

Into the next scene, Pat is cuffed on a hospital bed and sees Irish taking care of things. Pat argues that if Irish hands over the briefcase, a war will start and millions will die. Irish states that he cannot do that because he is forced to choose between the refugees on his boat and the future of all the Non-Patriated.

The Russians arrive on multiple military transport aircrafts, but Irish finds out the truth. He travels through a storm in order to fight the Russians and a battle begins. While they fought off the enemy, the codes inside the briefcase were already sent. Unfortunately, Pac gets killed after he saves Irish’s son from getting shot. Now it is up to Irish to stop the Russians from starting another war by uniting with the rest of the No-Pats.

Battlefied 2042 will launch on October 22, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.