Bayonetta 3 The Witching Hour Trailer Reveals Multiple Bayonettas

The Bayonetta multiverse is getting revealed?!

Nintendo and PlatinumGames have recently released the Bayonetta 3 The Witching Hour trailer.

The new trailer reveals a rather bleak scenario where a city is in ruins and “Bayonetta” is damaged. She seems to be breaking down and while Viola helplessly watches as she slowly breaks into pieces. The one thing that fans would notice right away is this Bayonetta’s outfit, which is the one she wore in the original game.

The next scene shows the new Bayonetta fighting against a monster that is out to kill her. It is not shown if she defeats the creature, but on the next scene, another being appears saying that the “Arch-Eve” has fallen and it calls Bayonetta the “Arch-Eve Origin”. It is confusing for now, but more could be revealed once this hits the retail store shelves.

Bayonetta then tasks Viola to take care of Luka Redgrave and protect him from harm. She thinks protecting him would be difficult and would need help, but Bayonetta says that this would be her new lesson. “Learn to fight for others not just for yourself,” she says.

The next few scenes go bonkers at this point. Various Bayonetta variants are shown which means this game will be about a Bayonetta multiverse with different versions of herself in it. The first one look like a streamer version of her with heavy makeup, yellow highlights and pink hair. Another version is a heavily-armored Bayonetta with an eyepatch on her right away with scars on her face.

A different scene then unfolds where Jeanne is seen riding her sexy motorcycle with a sidecar attached. Inside the sidecar is a new character named Sigurd who needs to be inside a tank in order to keep him alive.

Another Bayonetta appears, this time in an outfit straight from ancient Egypt. There is also another Bayonetta with a blue outfit, which depicts her as some mysterious thief from London. She also wears a mask and her hair is blonde.

Jeanne and Bayonetta also mention the name Singularity, which could be the main villain in this game.

By the end of the video, a new minigame is shown where Jeanne is tasked to find Sigurd by infiltrating the laboratory. Instead of 3D platform, it is now on a 2D side-scrolling platform gameplay featuring its own unique gimmicks.

bayonetta 3 the witching hour trailer

Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.