Kamiya Thanks Fans for Support After Departing PlatinumGames

He will continue to create games.

Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 creator Hideki Kamiya thanked the fans for their support even after his departure from PlatinumGames.

Kamiya has made the decision to leave PlatinumGames next month. He revealed that he made the decision after “a lot of consideration based on my own beliefs.”

Today on Twitter, Kamiya has offered thanks to the people for the messages of support that he received. He assured them that he would continue to make games wherever he ends up next.

“I thought I’d be bullied more because of my usual behavior, but I’m so touched by all the words of support I’ve received,” Kamiya wrote. “Thank you so much. I’m not worried about my future at all. As long as I have your support, I’ll keep making games, and I’ll do my best not to disappoint you.”

“When I decided to quit, many of my old and young colleagues and staff were sad to see me go, and some even shed tears for someone like me. I realized once again that I was only able to be who I am because of the support of the people around me. I will continue to be grateful for the help of others.”

Kamiya’s last few sentences seemed to give a hint of his reason for leaving PlatinumGames. “I will continue to believe in the spirit of creation that I have always believed in through my career at Capcom No 4 Development, Clover Studio and Platinum, no matter what anyone says.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue to make games that live up to that belief – I don’t have a formula for success, but I’m committed to aiming for it.”

Kamiya has not shared his plans for where he will go next.