Bend Studios Has A Team That Focuses On The Dynamic Events of Days Gone

Bend Studios recently revealed the alternative playthrough of their E3 demo which showed the player can approach a question differently, and wasn’t apparently chased by wolves.

For this impressive hectic work to happen, Bend Studios has a dedicated team to focus and improve on these dynamic events. In an interview with GamesTM in their issue #189, Darren Chisum, the Senior Programmer at Bend Studio, said that it’s the pillar of the game.

“Yes, every mission will have the same goal – the same end point – but there are a lot of different systems in Days Gone that just operate out in the open world, and those can play out in so many different ways depending on how you deal with them.

The ambush clothesline is a good example of that, and there are many more we’ve yet to reveal.

We have a dedicated team at Bend Studio that’s making these kind of events and creating ways to place them around the world, depending on where the player is, what level they are, and what they’re doing. It’s not always going to be humans, it’s not always going to be Freakers – it’s sometimes going to be both, or animals might get involved.

How they interact with each other depends on how the world is looking at the time. The time of day impacts the population of the Freakers out in the world, and the awareness of the Marauders. On top of this – and this can happen at any time in any weather – we’ve also got dynamic events, such as Runners, infected wolves, and Ragers, which are the infected bears.

These infected animals aren’t scripted, they happen in the world depending on what time of day it is, what you’re doing in the world, and what the weather’s doing, too. In general, the Freakers prefer nighttime and wetter environments, so that’s always something you should keep in mind.”

According to Chisum, there will be an RPG-like leveling and progression system. However, the studio didn’t tackle this subject in the interview. With how complex the development can be for Bend Studios, they still have more time to improve any bugs and glitches they might have with this feature.