Honkai Star Rail Best Qingque Build Guide

The best Qingque build for Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Qingque build

Looking for the best Qingque build in Honkai Star Rail is a good idea, as she’s one of the best multi-target damage characters you can get in the game. Her reliance on tiles can make her a pretty confusing unit to grasp, but she can be extremely powerful with the right set of light cones and damage boost from relics. Here’s a guide that will teach you how to make the best build for Qingque.

Best Qingque Build for Honkai Star Rail

Here are the best build choices for Qingque in Honkai Star Rail:


  • Genius of Brilliant Stars Set: With the full set equipped, Qingque gains 10% quantum damage and ignores 25% of the enemy’s defenses when attacking with quantum damage.

Light Cones:

  • Night on the Milky Way: A five-star light cone that increases the damage Qingque can do the more enemies there are. Her damage can increase up to 8% for five times. Inflicting a weakness break on an enemy will increase Qingque’s damage for 24% for a single turn.
  • The Birth of the Self: A four-star light cone that increases Qingque’s follow-up attack damage by 24%. However, if the target enemy is below 50% of their max HP, the follow-up attack damage will increase by an extra 16%.
  • Today is Another Peaceful Day: A four-star light cone that increases Qingque’s damage upon entering a battle based on her max energy. She can gain 0.2% damage boost per energy and can go up to 160 energy in total.

Qingque is a rare multi-target damage character that you should take full advantage of. The choices of light cones and relics above will prioritize boosting her attack damage against enemies. With this Qingque build, you can wipe out mobs of enemies in a flash, which is great when you’re farming.

Light Cones are basically items that you can equip to your characters. The ones above can be redeemed from gacha rolls, and they’re extremely powerful options for Qingque. All of them focus on providing damage boosts for this Qingque build that are easy to trigger.

Relics should be familiar for Genshin players. Their like Light Cones but wearing them by set grants bonuses such as further boosting Qingque’s quantum damage. With the full Genius of Brilliant Stars set, she can ignore up to 25% of the enemy’s defenses by attacking with quantum, which is her main element. The Genius of the Brilliant Stars can be acquired by taking on the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloudford.

Best Qingque Build for Honkai Star Rail

Whatever relic you pick for this Qingque build should focus on attack, speed, energy restoration, and quantum damage increases. If you have any room, you can invest it in even more attack, critical damage, critical rate, and speed boosts.

Who is Qingque in Honkai: Star Rail?

Qingque didn’t choose to be a Diviner in the Divination Commission, having taken the job to please her parents. And it shows considering how many times she’s found slacking off on the job and playing games. She’s associated with one of Honkai: Star Rail’s main factions, the Xianzhou Luofu.

Qingque is a four-star quantum character who follows The Erudition path. Her primary focus in combat is multi-target damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Qingque Eidolons

Each time you pull a copy of Qingque from the gacha rolls, you gain an Eidolon for her which gives her a boost. Here are all the Eidolons you can get for Qingque:

  • Pawn Promoted, Prize Obtained (Eidolon Level 1) – Qingque’s ultimate has a 10% increased damage.
  • Catnap Time, Right on the Chequer (Eidolon Level 2) – Qingque regenerates one energy for each time Draw Tile triggers.
  • Focus on the Tiles, Relying on the Draw (Eidolon Level 3) – Qingque’s ultimate level is increased by 2 for up to a maximum of 15.
  • Felicitous Combo, the Final Tile Awaits (Eidolon Level 4) – Qingque uses an additional basic attack on her next turn after using a skill.
  • Self-Drawn Tiles, Luck All Spurned (Eidolon Level 5) – Qingque’s ultimate level is increased by 2 for up to a maximum of 15.
  • Calm and Serene, Ready for the Win (Eidolon Level 6) – Qingque has a 65% chance to draw a Jade Tile during an enemy’s turn.

Eidolon are a lot like the Constellations in Genshin Impact. You should keep them in mind when making this Qingque build as they can offer some pretty good bonuses. But since they can only be acquired from gacha rolls, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get them.

Who is Qingque in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail: Qingque Abilities

Here are the abilities that Qingque from Honkai Star Rail is capable of:

Basic ATK:

  • Self-Drawn Win (Single Target) – Qinque deals quantum damage equivalent to 50% of her attack stat to one enemy.
  • Out with Dead Wall Tile! (Blast) – Qinque deals quantum damage equivalent to 110% ATK to one enemy, and deals Quantum DMG equal to 44% ATK to adjacent enemies.


  • Last Tile Claim (Support) – Qinque immediately draws 2 jade tiles, increasing the damage for one turn and can be stacked for up to four times.


  • Four Concealed Fish? Win! (AoE ATK) – Qinque deals increased quantum damage equivalent to 120% of her attack stat.


  • Celestial Jade (Enhance) – Qingque draws a tile at the beginning of an ally’s turn. If she draws four tiles of the same type, Qinque will enter the Concealed Kong state which her attacks are buffed. The Concealed Kong state will end once Qingque uses an enhanced basic attack.


  • To Challenge Myself (Support) – Qinque will draw two jade tiles at the start of combat.

Bonus Abilities:

  • Fight for a Tile (Ascension Two) – In every fight, Qingque will recover a skill point after using her skill for the first time.
  • Wait for a Suit (Ascension Four) – Qingque’s next attack will deal 10% damage after she uses her skill.
  • Robbing the Kong (Ascension Six) – After she uses her Enhanced Basic Attack in the Concealed Kong State, Qingque’s speed increases by 10% each turn.

That’s how to make the best Qingque build for Honkai Star Rail. Now you now how to utilize her in your party and make the most optimal build.

Check out this Youtube video from KingSef Games for an overview of Qingque.