Best M4A1 Loadout in XDefiant

The M4A1 assault rifle is the starting assault rifle in XDefiant; even if it’s the default weapon of choice for assault rifles, it doesn’t mean the M4A1 is less powerful than other weapons in the game. The M4A1 still packs a punch without modifications in its early levels, but when you add the attachments after leveling up, it will become your best weapon of choice in most situations.

If you want the best M4A1 loadout in XDefiant across all platforms, here’s the ultimate build to make you an unstoppable force in every match.

The Best M4A1 Loadout for XDefiant

Screenshot from Lexuzze Tablante/XDefiant.

Here’s the ultimate M4A1 build in XDefiant:

  • Front Rail: Leather Wrap
  • Barrel: Chrome-Lined
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip
  • Stock: Padded

This M4A1 ultimate build improves the overall recoil and ADS stability, which gives you a huge advantage during gunfights in the field.

The Leather Wrapped Foregrip for the Front Rail mod improves both ADS Walking Speed and ADS Stability by 15% and 10%, respectively. This Front Trail mod will give you an advantage when you need to strafe sideways during combat when aiming down sights.

The Chrome-Lined barrel mod increases the M4A1’s short and medium range by 20% each, giving you better long-range firepower.

The Reflex optics is usually the go-to mod for scopes by most. However, optics mod in XDefiant usually depends on the player’s preferences. If you prefer to use the Holo over the Reflext, that’s perfectly fine as long as you’re comfortable when you aim down your sights.

Choosing between the Quick Draw and Lightweight Grip mods for the Rear Grip attachment, the latter is the clear winner. While some may argue that the Sprint-Shoot Time significantly increases your chance to bring down enemies after running when you choose the Quickdraw mod, the Lightweight Grip gives you better chances to takedown enemies mid-range when it significantly improves the ADS Walking Speed and Recoil Recovery. The Lightweight Grip complements the Leather Wrapped Foregrip very well.

The Padded Stock is the obvious choice among the other Stock mods for the M4A1. It doesn’t just improves ADS stability and recoil recovery, but also the ADS flinch control. Since the focus of this ultimate M4A1 build is to give you a huge advantage in mid-range combat, ADS stability, recoil recovery, and ADS flinch control stats need to be improved across the board.

How to Unlock the M4A1 in XDefiant

The M4A1 assault rifle is already unlocked and available when you start playing.

This is everything you need to know about the best M4A1 loadout in XDefiant. We will update the article in case this build becomes no longer viable in a future update.

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