Best Wand Core in Hogwarts Legacy

What is the Best Wand Core to Use in Hogwarts Legacy

Wand Cores - Hogwarts Legacy - featured.

Since wand cores are artifacts that can be regarded as the source of magic and may establish a player’s personality, players in Hogwarts Legacy are understandably hesitant to select the one that best suits them at the beginning of the game, despite the fact that there are three to pick from. Read on, and we’ll guide you through the answer to which core is the best to use in Hogwarts Legacy.

List of Wand Cores in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy features three unique wand cores: dragon heartstring, unicorn hair, and phoenix feather.

  • Dragon Heartstring
    • Dragon heartstring that serves as the core of a wand, known for producing powerful magic. Using this core can help players adapt and learn spells more normally than other wizards and witches. They are considered to be the most powerful cores yet they are the easiest core to turn to the Dark Arts.
  • Unicorn Hair
    • The hair of a unicorn that serves as the core of a wand, is known for producing consistent magic. Not as powerful as the rest of the cores, Unicorn cores are the most accurate and simple cores to use and are also the least likely to turn to the Dark Arts
  • Phoenix Feather
    • The feather of a phoenix serves as the core of a wand and is known for producing a great range of magic. As one of the rarest cores, it is similar to the Dragon Heartstring but is described to be the hardest to turn docile and the most difficult to secure loyalty.

To get these cores, players will get a chance to choose one of them as soon as they get to Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade, during the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest. Talk to Ollivander, and he will let players pick out their wand, starting with the wand style, then the wood type, and the wand core.

Which Wand Core is the best in Hogwarts Legacy?

Any Wand Core will, in fact, allow access to all spells, so you really shouldn’t worry about missing out on any of the game’s features because of your choice. There is no proof that Wand Cores has any kind of functional effect on the game. Choosing a core is easy, and it depends on the player’s preference for the sort of wizard or witch they wish to play. My own opinion, though, is that the Phoenix Feather core should actually be considered by players. Not only does it claim to have access to a wide variety of magic, but many of its spells are also useful in their own right.

And that’s our guide on the best wand core to use in Hogwarts Legacy. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you do, please check out our other Hogwarts Legacy-related guides.

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