Hogwarts Legacy 2 Gets Leaked Early

Sources claim the sequel is in the works but no other info was revealed.

Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition

A new leak claims that the development of Hogwarts Legacy 2 is now in the works.

Before Hogwarts Legacy launched, it was heavily criticized since it was a game based on the Harry Potter lore which was written by controversial writer JK Rowling. However, when it launched the game was much loved by the gaming community and fans of the Harry Potter universe. Since it has become well loved by everyone, it seems developers are now making moves to develop a sequel to the game.

Reliable leaker MyTimetoShineHello has recently shared new information that Hogwarts Legacy is indeed getting a sequel, but further details about it are still unavailable right now. If this leak is true, there is good and bad news for this revelation.

The good news is that the Hogwarts Legacy story will continue with another story made by the makers of the original. It will be a wonderful experience for fans to relive their unique Harry Potter adventure once again in a world before the main story was told. The bad news of this leak though is the possibility of getting a DLC for the original game will be none at all. Developers will most likely be focused on the sequel and not make any content anymore for the original.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 rumored in development.