Biomutant Vehicles Are Useful Means of Transportation and in Battles


Biomutant is an upcoming video game that lets players control a warrior mutant animal that can be customized with different looks, abilities, and tribe. It is an open-world action RPG set in a world where different animal tribes rule and it is up to the player to either unite all tribes or destroy them in order to save the world or destroy it to start again.

Players can go with different styles whether they become martial arts masters or go Rambo using different guns and weapons. They will be facing different kinds of bosses as they travel and some of them will be riding in vehicles. In order to gain an equal ground against these boss fights, players will also have to get their own vehicles.

Experiment 101 co-founder and producer Stefan Ljungqvist talked with Gameractor discussing the different vehicles that can be used in this game and its other useful features other than for battles.

According to Ljungqvist, there are distinctive vehicles that have a specific focus because the biggest boss fights are designed around them. Basically the vehicles are like mounts for such bosses.

“…then there’s a Mekton (Mech), a Googlide (a waterski) and one is an Octosub (submarine),” explained Ljungqvist. “The first two are upgradeable, which is more or less a prerequisite if you are going to have a chance against each boss, and all have some special function related to other beings in the world.”

The producer revealed that players can use these vehicles to travel through or to certain areas that they cannot normally reach. There are areas that the waters are contaminated or polluted, which is why they will need to ride an upgraded Googlide. It is also necessary since the characters in this game cannot swim.

The Mekton has other mechanics as well that can be used to loot in specific areas that cannot be done normally, suck up oil with its mud cleaner, and use a hook to drag around items blocking the way.

Vehicles will be a necessity in the game in order to move on to certain areas, transport characters easily, and other uses. Since this is still in its early stages of development, there should be some changes along the way, but this alone gives us much information on how players can traverse in the world.

Biomutant will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and PC. It is also teased to be playable on “newer consoles.”

Interview source: Gamereactor

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