BioWare Executives Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson Departs from Studio

Game studio BioWare has announced that two of their executives will be leaving the studio.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Electronic Arts Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele recently confirmed this in a statement posted on BioWare’s blog. She revealed that General Manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age Executive Producer Mark Darrah will leave the studio soon. She thanked both of them for their contributions and is confident that the studio will move on with the talents left behind. Christian Dailey will be taking up to position of Darrah as Dragon Age Executive Producer.

Hudson has no replacement yet and Miele is currently searching for someone who can replace him.

Both executives left touching messages to their colleagues and fans on separate posts on the studio’s blog. Hudson revealed that he made this decision to retire so that he can make way for the next generation of studio leaders.

Darrah assured the fans of Dragon Age that development is still ongoing and nothing has changed. He is also confident that Dailey will be able to lead properly in his place. He is also confident the Creative Director Matthew Goldman that he and the rest can stand on their own without him.

BioWare has always been about telling emotional stories through characters. We have wandered away from this central guiding pillar at times, but I am confident that the next Dragon Age will show that we remain committed to this kind of game. We will have a lot to show you.

This confirms of the recent announcement from Geoff Keighley about the big reveal this coming The Game Awards 2020 where BioWare will be showing more details about Dragon Age 4.

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