Blood Bowl 3 Devs Apologize for Server Problems

There are a few issues, but major ones.

Developer Cyanide Studios has recently released a long post to apologize for Blood Bowl 3 server issues and the controversy over its monetization.

The game launched recently and already it received bad feedback from both critics and players who have tried the game for the first time. It seems the game servers were really bad during the launch. Players were also worried when they saw the monetization feature of the game, which was not that appealing.

Cyanide Studios quickly apologized to the fans about the server issues when the game launched. This was actually their main concert since the start of the Early Unlock. They have now assured that after the recent patch, the servers are now more stable than ever. They have not encountered any general crashes, but they admitted it is still not perfect yet. This is the reason for them to continue on working on making an update to finally remove the server issues.

Another issue that the developers tackled was the monetization feature, which was a sensitive topic in the community. The developers are still going to implement it, but the in-game money needed to purchase such premium items can still be earned via gameplay, but can also be purchased with real money.

“We know that we will probably not be able to convince all of you but we truly believe that our system is fair, rewarding and optional and that’s understandable,” assured the developers.

Players can still get the in-game money called Warpstone when they reach maxim levels. Here are the full details on what players can get rewarded with by reaching the pinnacle of experience points.

  • 1,000 Warpstone
  • 8 Common items (same quality as the ones in the shop)
  • 24 Uncommon items
  • 8 Epic items

Aside from maximizing levels, players can also get Warpstones with The Blood Pass aka Season Pass. It also gives free rewards aside from the Warpstones. They wanted to stress out that they want their players to unlock content for free. There will be premium items locked away by microtransactions, but these are only cosmetic and will not offer any advantage at all.

The post also revealed there was an error on Steam that caused ALL players to receive the Brutal Edition instead of the standard version. They will not remove the Warpstone bonus but they need to do that with the cosmetic bonuses because that would be unfair to those who bought the real thing. The guys who bought the Brutal Edition will get more Warpstones and an additional 250 more for the Early Unlock players.

Blood Bowl 3 is now on PC.

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