Bloodborne Locked to 30fps on PlayStation 5 with Backwards Compatibility


Reviews about the PlayStation 5 are coming in and one of them shares some information about popular PlayStation 4 video game Bloodborne.


According to the short review that Lance McDonald shared on Twitter, he tried out several PS4 games on the PS5 with backwards compatibility. He revealed that these games played at certain framerates: Sekiro at 60fps, Dark Souls 3 at 60fps, and Bloodborne at 30fps with bad frame pacing.

Despite the hardware power of the PS5, Bloodborne stays at 30fps. According to DualShockers, the game was designed to lock at that frame rate. It could not upgrade it since it was designed that way by the developers. This also happened because they did not release a new update that could make it optimized for the PS5.

Hopefully later on, the developers would be bothered to release a new software update that could at least unlock the frame rates and allow higher ones. FromSoftware is apparently busy with upcoming video game Elder Ring, so perhaps another developer like Japan Studio would do the work since they helped with Bloodborne’s development.

Thanks DualShockers!