Bloodborne Remaster or PC Port Impossible Right Now

Dreams of a Remaster or PC port will be on temporary hold.


A new report claims that a Bloodborne Remaster or PC port is currently impossible due to one circumstance.

This new information comes from Jeff Grubb who spoke to YouTuber Xbox Expansion Pass in an interview (ironic, right?) According to him, the reason why a remaster or PC port of the game is not happening right now is due to FromSoftware. He revealed that the developers are still too busy with its latest open-world RPG Elden Ring. So, what are they busy with? Post-launch support for the game and possible new big content that they will reveal in the near future.

The developers have little time to do anything related to Bloodborne. So why will not they just assign it to another developer to work on it? Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to have some trouble with the code used for Bloodborne that FromSoftware needs to be there in order to make it work. Their plans for PC port or remaster will be shelved at the moment as it is not happening anytime soon.

Bloodborne is currently available on PS4.

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