Borderlands 3 Add-On Director’s Cut Coming March 2021

Game company Gearbox recently announced that the Director’s Cut add-on is coming to Borderlands 3 next month with a new event coming soon.

The Director’s Cut add-on will be launched on March 18 and can be purchased individually or part of Season Pass 2.

This new add-on will feature some new content like a raid boss called Hemovorous the Invincible. It was actually locked behind a door and now the add-on will unlock it on Pandora.

There are other mystery missions to check out with new locations and a novel crime scene analysis mechanic. Players will be joining Ava in her quest to find out the truth behind these “supernatural slayings” and become her co-host during the investigations.

The add-on will give players access to three Vault Cards. With the Vault Card active, they can easily level it up by just completing daily and weekly challenges.

There are also over 100 challenges to find out and each of them will reward random stuff. Gain enough progress and players might just get themed cosmetics and more.

Check out some never-before-seen behind-the-scenes content. Players can view the development of the game with bloopers to cut content. There are also some concept arts, storyboard, lost maps, and more.

Gearbox also announced the Broken Hearts Day 2021, which starts February 11 and ends on February 25. During the event, players will see enemies with hearts over their heads. Shoot those and it will trigger some unique effects. Shoot enough hearts and it will reward players with themed items.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Official Website via VG247

Here’s the Borderlands Show video: