Borderlands Movie Scrubs The Last of Us Writer’s Name from Credits

The writer's publicist shares a statement in regards to the removal.

New reports reveal that the name of a well-known writer from The Last of Us TV series has been removed from the credits list of the upcoming Borderlands movie.

Who is Craig Mazin?

The writer that everyone is talking about is Craig Mazin, who is the co-creator and showrunner of HBO’s popular TV series The Last of Us. He also co-created HBO’s Chernobyl, which was another popular series. He was announced to be one of the writers who wrote the script for the upcoming Borderlands adaptation.

Borderlands Movie Removes Mazin from List

World of Reel was the first one to spot the mysterious removal of Mazin’s name from the writing credits for Borderlands movie on the Writer’s Guild of America website. Under screenplay, only two names are now found which are Director Eli Roth and this mysterious Joe Crombie. Some have assumed that the latter name is a pen name for Mazin.

There are several other writing credits on the website like Aaron Berg, Chris Bremner, Sam Levinson, Zak Olkewicz, Tony Rettenmaier, Juel Taylor, and Oren Uziel. Mazin’s name was not mentioned at all.

So, what actually happened to Mazin’s writing credit? Was he really removed from the list? Here is what the representatives of Mazin to IGN in a statement.

Representatives Clarify

According to the representatives, the film credits come from the WGA and not the writers themselves, which they pointed out first. His publicist said that Mazin has “nothing to do with the pen name Joe Crombie,” and that if the WGA has decided he’s not getting credit, then he’s not getting credit.

This is to confirm that Mazin will not be credited as a writer on the Borderlands movie. IGN also tried to reach out Lionsgate, the studio behind the movie, but it did not share a comment. As for the reason, no one knows yet as there is no official announcement.