Bugsnax Officially Coming to iOS App Store Soon

It's Bugsnax but with touchscreen!

Young Horses has recently announced that Bugsnax is finally coming to one mobile platform.

According to the developers, the game will be launching on the iOS app store this coming summer 2023. When it launches, players will be able to enjoy touchscreen controls. The game will also support a wide array of third-party gamepads too.

Unfortunately, those are the only details Young Horses shared for the Bugsnax iOS release, but they promised more details will be shared at a later time. Perhaps the price and some gameplay clips.

Players take on the role of a reporter who is looking for the big news when they get an invite to the mysterious island of Snaktooth. Upon arriving, they get into an accident, but after waking up, their lives changed overnight.

Catch the legendary Bugsnax creatures, half bug, half snack creatures that are littered on Snaktooth island. Players are also tasked to find the people who have lived on the island and learn their stories.

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