Bugsnax Gets Big Free Update Adding Isle of BIGsnax

Enter the world of humongous snax!

Young Horses just released a new trailer for popular video game Bugsnax and it highlighted the upcoming big free update.

According to Creative Director Kevin Zuhn, the upcoming free update will be coming early 2022 to the game and it will introduce a new area to explore, the Isle of BIGsnax. Fans will be coming back to the land of Snaktooth once again.

In this new island, players will get to encounter Bugsnax that are quite large in size. There are new mechanics to master like the Shrink Spice to shrink the giant Bugsnax down to catchable size. They will once again meet familiar faces like Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany, and Shelda. All of them will be exploring both the island’s long-forgotten history, and more of their personal stories.

In Snaxburg, players will have their own hut now. Take on challenges from their mailbox to earn furniture and accessories to customize living space.

There are also rare Bughats to capture, which can dress up Bugsnax.

Returning players can start playing the Isle of BIGsnax right away by just loading up their completed save. Players will put back into Snaxburge before the point of no return. New players will be able to try out the new content via the story.

Bugsnax is already available on PC, PS4, and PS5.