Bungie Wins Lawsuit Against Destiny 2 Player Who Harassed Devs

Goodbye, racist harasser.

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Bungie has recently won a lawsuit against one Destiny 2 player who repeatedly harassed, threatened and doxxed one of its employees.

How It All Started

It was reported last year that one of Bungie’s community managers shared an artwork by UhMaayyze, who is described as a “talented Black fan and creator of Destiny 2 fan works”. This was part of Bungie’s My Destiny 2 Story series to appreciate some of the artworks done by the fans.

After it was shown to the public, one Destiny 2 player suddenly made a campaign of racist, “stochastic terrorism” against the community manager who showcased UhMaayyze’s art.

Comer Start His “Terror”

Court documents say that the player with surname Comer had left anonymous, “hideous, bigoted” voicemails on the community manager’s phone including asking that the employee convince Bungie to create options in the game in which only persons of color would be killed.

The harasser then continued their terrorism by threatening the employee’s wife. Her phone got racist voicemails and texts.

Pizza and Terror Files

Comer used an anonymous number to order pizza to the employee’s home in order to prove that they knew where the employee lived. It came with instructions that would let the owners know that it was them that ordered the pizza. They even made it cash-on-delivery too for the extra heat.

The harasser also bragged about his harassment on an online group that had access to a set of sound files and noises labeled as “ear rape”. Members would use these files for their terror campaigns, which Comer also used for harassment.

Bungie Takes Action

After learning about the situation, the community manager took time off from their job and Bungie finally took action to protect them. This included an investigation and outside counsel. Today, they were victorious against this heinous criminal.

After Bungie won the lawsuit against Comer, he got fined $489,435 for their actions.