Bungie Disables “Join in Progress” Feature in Destiny 2’s Liminality Strike

Completing the Liminality strike in Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion can yield powerful weapons and armor, but one of the reasons why players are very eager about this is that the Liminality strike is tied to the ongoing narrative of Destiny 2.

However, the Liminality strike seems to be plagued by bugs, including missing enemies, server errors, and possibly soft-locks. This might be one of the reasons why Bungie disabled the Join in Progress feature for this specific activity.

In the most recent tweet that was posted earlier by Bungie Support, the devs have temporarily disabled the Join in Progress feature for the Liminality strike. This decision aims to prevent players from missing crucial story elements by joining strikes already in progress.

The move has sparked mixed reactions from the Destiny 2 community. Some players applaud Bungie’s commitment to preserving the narrative experience, while others express frustration over the inconvenience of not being able to join ongoing strikes.

The issue of players joining late in strikes and potentially ruining the experience for others has been a long-standing concern within the community. These players might have missed important story beats, cutscenes, or dialogue by joining so late in the strike.

But some players have reported instances of latecomers skipping important cutscenes or dialogue, missing key encounters, or disrupting the flow of the strike for those who started from the beginning. Players joining right at the end of a strike are essentially reaping the rewards without contributing to the effort. This can be frustrating for the players who have invested their time and effort to complete the strike.

So in response to these concerns, Bungie has opted to disable the Join in Progress feature for the Liminality strike temporarily. By disabling Join in Progress, Bungie ensures that everyone who completes the Liminality strike has actively participated and contributed to the team’s success. This promotes a fairer and more enjoyable experience for all players.

However, Bungie’s decision has also caused inconvenience for players who were legitimately trying to catch up with their friends or complete the strike quickly.

The devs have not specified when the feature will be re-enabled, but it is likely that they will do so once they have found a solution that addresses both the narrative and gameplay concerns. It’s a difficult balancing act for Bungie, as they need to weigh the needs of different players and find solutions that address everyone’s concerns. Hopefully, they can find a way to re-enable the Join in Progress feature in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the overall player experience.

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