Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Map Images Leaked Online

Huge leak of map images happened recently.

New Call of Duty Modern Warfare II map images get leaked online from an unlikely source.

News about Call of Duty Modern Warfare II have suddenly gone quiet recently after the reveal of the single-player gameplay video. Most of information about the game are now from leaks rather than from official press releases from the developers. Details have been really scarce recently until today that is and it comes from a very unlikely source: Warzone Mobile.

A recently deleted Twitter account has recently posted several images claiming it comes from Modern Warfare II and the next Call of Duty title in 2024. The source comes from an in-development build of upcoming game Warzone Mobile. With the Twitter account gone, the images are now deleted, but someone has already uploaded them on ResetEra, which can be viewed here.

The images shown claim to feature the loading screens of the four different traditional multiplayer maps of the upcoming game, three Ground War maps, and possibly the keyart for the upcoming extraction royale mode called DMZ.

The four multiplayer images are called the Grand Prix, Oilfield, Museum, and SABA. Grand Prix will be on an F1 circuit in Asia, Oilfield has a very wide field, Museum is in a museum filled with art stuffs and more, and SABA will be near a major building with a dome.

call of duty modern warfare ii

Infinity Ward has not made any statements to confirm nor deny these new claims, but the Twitter account just got deleted for reasons unknown. It is possible they got a DMCA for those leaked images.