Call of Duty: Warzone Adds New Microtransactions For St. Patrick’s Day

Feeling particularly lucky today? Call of Duty’s latest battle royale, Warzone, just added paid bundles revolving around St. Patrick’s Day. Along these themed around virtual items you get is a new operator skin and blueprint weapons for unique weapons.

The first bundle is called “Clover and Out” which is priced at 1,100 COD points. For this bundle you get a marksman rifle, Wish Me Luck, and a powerful handgun, Top O’ The Mornin’, as well as two charms and a sticker.

The second bundle, Tracer Pack, allows you to riddle your enemy with green rounds. For this bundle you’ll get two unique weapons blueprints, Snap Dragon and Grangrene, as well as a Leprechaun charm and the Uplinked calling card.

What’s great about this bundle is that all platforms for Warzone share the same progression, meaning that if you purchase this for the PS4 you may also use it for the Xbox One and PC, and vice versa. So if you’re interested in trying out your luck with these unique weapons and a new operator skin, head over to Warzone to purchase the bundle right now.

Source: Activision Blog, Gamespot