Call Of Duty: Warzone Bugged Weapon Blueprint Found; Fans Concerned With Pay-To-Win Features

Players of popular free-to-play game mode Call of Duty: Warzone have recently found a pretty suspicious weapon blueprint that seems to have boosted damage.

Call of Duty: Warzone bugged weapon blueprint is suspicious

There are certain loadouts out there in Warzone that can have the best weapons in the game with some small exceptions, but not game breaking. This has changed, however, when some players found this certain blueprint that behaved differently from the main weapon that they are based on. One Redditor, ChickenYug found this out with the blueprint of the EBR-14, which is called the Line Breaker.

The Line Breaker can be accessed via the premium tier of the Battle Pass. The scary feature of this blueprint is that it can do headshot damage with a big boost. The EBR-14 has been reported as not so popular weapon in multiplayer or in Warzone game mode. This new discovery has now made some fans to believe it is a blueprint pay-to-win.

The Redditor made a video and tested the Line Breaker to see if it was true. It does have a boosted headshot damage multiplier, which means it can make players kill opponents in a single headshot. This is weird because the normal version would only break armor in one headshot. Players would need to fire more shots to finally eliminate the target.

Weapon blueprints are just usually skin/3D model changes. Players need to add some attachments in order to have the edge and not a blueprint. With this evidence, it is pretty weird and could mean some fixing from the developers

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 2 will be ending soon and Season 3 will be launching in a few days. It should be fixed right away so that balance could be returned.

Thanks VG247. Source: Reddit