Can PS4 Discs Work on PS5?

Can PS4 discs work on PS5? PlayStation 5 has indeed backwards capability with many PS4 titles, but you might be asking if your PS4 discs can work on a PS5. Initially you may think that this is exclusive to digital copies only so you might be surprised to know that your standard edition PS5 is also capable of running your PS4 discs.

Yes, PS4 Discs Can Run on PS5

While this would greatly depend on whether or not you bought yourself a PS5 Digital Edition or a Standard one, PlayStation 5 is mostly capable of running almost all previous generation console games. Obviously, you won’t be able to insert any discs, let alone PS4 discs, on the digital only PS5 version.

ps4 discs run on ps5

The Benefits of PS5 Backwards Compatibility

If you’re the type to be frugal on money then this feature is a godsend. Depending on whether or not your library is mostly contained of digital games or you posses the physical discs can be a great influence on whether you should get a digital or standard edition. Take note that quite a few PS4 titles do offer a PlayStation 5 free upgrade so there’s also an added incentive of carrying over your games from the previous generation.

PS5 Digital vs Standard Edition

Besides the asking price, both editions of the latest generation of this Sony console does offer different hardware capabilities. If most of your games are digital, will a 4K Blu-ray disc drive really be advantageous for you?

When it comes to specs, unlike the Xbox Series S and X, both versions of the PS5 aren’t that far from each other in terms of performance. If you ever have the chance, we’d recommend going for a standard version instead. The advantage of being able to play with a physical disc may be well worth the extra spending in the future.

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